Recap Of The Week

I know, I know, I’ve been MIA this week. Mostly because it flew by without me noticing! I don’t know why, but the week has been busy and Sunday snuck up before I was prepared (or maybe just in time). It’s mostly work that’s been really busy. We’ve been making some changes and those always take adjusting. We also had an event on Friday that we spent the week preparing for. Anywho, it’s Sunday evening and I’m ready (almost) to start another week! Before I do, though, I’ll take you back through last week in pictures…

– My new Jamberry nail stickers came in the mail! Of course, I had to have a girls hang out night with Erica to do our nails. We went to yoga, then back to her apartment for dinner, wine and manicures. I’m gonna have WAY too much fun trying out all my new stickers!


– The event! Our club put on a muddy/messy obstacle course Friday night. We’ve spent the last few weeks dreaming up challenging and ridiculous obstacles and Friday night we had around 100 people participate in our epic course! My dad, bros and Brandon being just part of the crazy crew to take on this challenge.

Coby and Brandon getting their burpee on. 50, yes 50, burpees were just part of the course. Muhaha

Dad does burpees too… And Brandon takes a break.

Brice killin’ it in the gray shorts.
I only got pics of the burpee station because that was the one I was in charge of, but we also had a foam pit, tire run, bear crawl, mud pits and so much more! It was tough – the boys are still complaining that they’re sore. We ended with the world’s largest water balloon fight! Seriously, I don’t think they get any bigger.

It was a ton of fun seeing everyone enjoy an event we put so much thought and work into!

– We had a party for my cousin at my grandma’s house and I found this beauty.

I think I “need” one for my kitchen too. :p

– I got my new releases for the upcoming group exercise launch.

It’s always fun to get new music and routines for class. I can’t wait to learn them!

– Saturday, a friend from Idaho was in the state for a conference. She had just a few hours between the end of her conference and when her flight left to go home. After work, I drove up to Portland to see her for a quick sec. We had about an hour to get a smoothie and catch up. A group of 4 of us have been friends since high school, so Sarah and I talked a lot about how amazing it is that we’ve kept in close contact for the last 8 years. I live in Oregon, Sarah is in Idaho, another moved to Canada and the last one is in Asia. We’ve kept an email chain going since high school ended and it’s kept us connected through 2 marriages, 3 countries, 4 states, college, internships, mission trips, jobs and so much life. I’m so grateful for friendships that can withstand time and distance. LOVE these girls! Sarah gave me this cute stack of handmade cards to thank me for driving up to see her.


So, that was my week! Like I said, busy, but all good stuff. Now I’m looking forward to next week because, drumroll please…….. Dancing With The Stars starts tomorrow night!!!!!! Duh du du du du du du, duh du du du du. That’s supposed to be the theme music.

What are you looking forward to in the coming week?

What was the highlight of your week/weekend?


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