Friday Favorites 9/5/14

It’s Friday!! I’m enjoying a cup of coffee and reviewing my Centergy material for class later this morning while I type this up.



We’re going camping at the coast later today, so after class I have a million errands to run and some packing to do. Before all that, though, the best way to start a Friday is with some Friday Favorites!


Linking up with Heather today!

– Playing with Lucy

She is so energetic and play for her. If you make the slightest sudden move, she things you’re going to play with her. This morning, the light was hitting my phone and making shadows on the cabinets and she was going nuts! Those shadows were out to get her, I tell ya, and she simply had to catch them. She goes upstairs into the area we’re remodeling and brings down these little caps that cover electrical wires and expects us to throw them for her so she can fetch them.

Once she’s played herself out, she’s ready for a nice nap to gear up for the next round of okay.


– Dannon Light & Fit Caramel Macchiato

I shared a recipe in this post that called for Dannon Light & Fit Caramel Macchiato yogurt and I was blown away that such a thing even existed. I made it my mission to find it the next time I was at the grocery store and lo and behold, Safeway carries it! It’s some tasty stuff, let me tell ya! I’ve been eating it with some Kashi Go Lean sprinkled in it for breakfast.

– Jamberry


I told y’all recently that I was going to a friend’s house to learn to apply my beautiful Jamberry nail stickers. I’ve had them for months but didn’t know how to apply them so that they were smooth. Once I learned the secret (a cuticle stick and a sandwich baggie – go figure!), I fell in love! It was so easy and I didn’t have to wait for nail polish to dry! My biggest pet peeve is spending time painting my nails, waiting hours for them to dry, then going to bed and waking up with pillow prints in my nails. No. Fun. So I’m thrilled that I can now have cute nails that are quick and look perfect for days, even weeks. Another plus, they don’t chip!

– Remodel Progress




Slowly, but surely things are coming together on our house. I love seeing big things take place because that makes the progress feel more real. We recently got cabinets build and installed for our entry way and bathrooms. Kitchen cabinets are still a work in progress, but they should be done soon as well. I simply can’t wait until they have drawers and countertops and I can store all my crap in them!! Just kidding…. Sort of.

Welp, packing and grocery shopping won’t wait any longer. Enjoy your weekend!!

What are some of your faves from the week?

Anyone else LOVE Jamberry? I might be slightly addicted. I bought a few sheets of stickers, then booked a party as well.

What are your plans for the weekend?


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