Barre3 In The Park And A Friend Date

Happy Sunday! I hope everyone is having a relaxing day before the start of the new week. We started the day with church, then went to lunch with my parents and brother. My mama gave me this today…


Yes, I am spoiled. I mentioned in my Friday Favorite post that I love this stuff and was, sadly, out so my mom went out and bought me (and Brandon, I suppose) two jars and some animal cookies to dip in them! Thanks mom!

I also mentioned in my last post that I was super excited to go to an event yesterday called Barre3 in the Park, put on by Barre3 Portland to celebrate their 6 year anniversary. I wasn’t entirely sure what a barre workout consisted of, but after experiencing the Barre3 class yesterday and checking out their website, I have a much better idea. Here’s what I learned! Barre3 incorporates barre, yoga and Pilates movements to build long, lean, strong muscles. The moves are set to music and use isometric holds and small, 1-inch pulsing movements to strengthen muscles. You can learn more about the Barre3 workout on their website.

I woke up early Saturday morning to pick up Erica for our friend date and to get up to Portland with enough time to find the park the event was at (I’m notorious for getting lost, especially in Portland. Once, on my way to the airport to pick up a friend, I ended up in Washington.) and to find parking. We, of course, had to stop at Starbucks for coffee first. Photo courtesy of Erica.


We found the park and only had to turn around once and only went down one one-way street the wrong way (whoops). The event was at The Fields Park in the Pearl District and it was gorgeous!





It was pretty dang warm, but I was so excited and the park was so beautiful that I didn’t really notice. Erica and I checked in, got our swag bags, then found a nice spot to put our mats before checking out the tents and vendors.

KIND Bars, Athleta, Vita Coco, and Greenleaf Juicing Company all made an appearance.


At the Athleta tent, we got to pick a gift from their swag bag for following them on Twitter. I got this adorable yoga mat bag by Prana.


I love the colors and it’s so roomy and soft! It even has a big pocket on the front. I’ve been wanting a yoga mat bag for awhile so I was pretty stoked. Thanks, Athleta!

They also gave us a $10 gift card to use at their store, good for that day only. After the event, E and I went to their downtown location and did some shopping. I wanted to buy the whole store! They have such fun clothes! I limited myself to 1 item for Brandon and our bank account’s sake.


This adorable workout tank is comfy and such a fun color! I also love the crisscrossed straps on the back. It made me want to go workout all over again! You can get the same one here. I really liked this one too but, like I said, I had a self-imposed limit of one.

Okay, back to the Barre3 event (clothes can be so distracting, can’t they?). We walked around checking out the Vita Coco, KIND Bar and green juice tents and grabbing some snacks. There was also a spot to get a quick massage. You can bet we were all over that!


After the massage, it was about time for the event to start, so we went back to our mats to get ready and snap a few pics cuz we’re cool like that.


Meet Erica, new spokesmodel for Vita Coco!

It was amazing how many people were there! Everyone found their mats as Sadie, the founder of Barre3, began to welcome us. As the class started, I noticed that it had a very similar feel to Group Centergy and I knew I was going to love it. We started with a big inhale as we raised our arms and, as everyone moved in sync, Sadie clearly choked up. It was so sweet. I love mass workouts like this because it’s so cool to see everyone move together. There was the most adorable little girl, probably a year or two old, on a mat behind me going through all the moves and it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!! I wanted to take a pic but figured it’s probably frowned upon to take pictures of other people’s kids without their permission (hashtagcreeper).

Photo cred goes to Erica because my panorama shots always look like a drunk bear tried to take them.

I loved the workout! It lasted about and hour and I was thoroughly covered in sweat when I was done. The movements went quickly, so it got the heart rate up and the holds and pulses killed my muscles. I was definitely feeling my glutes, calves, quads and core. Our swag bag came with a gift card for one free Barre3 class at the Portland studio and Erica and I plan to make another date to try out a real class one of these days. I feel like this is a workout I’d love to do consistently if it were offered closer to home.

Overall, the event was amazingly well organized (they were even able to sweet talk the construction workers a few blocks away to take a break while we did class, so the construction noise didn’t compete with the event) and super fun! I’m hoping they do another Barre3 in the Park for their anniversary next year because I’ll totally come! I’m also really looking forward to trying a class in the studio one of these days. It was great to spend a day with my bestie, having girl time, being active, shopping and getting some freebies – definitely the highlight of my weekend!


Have you done a barre workout or taken a Barre3 class before?

What was the highlight of your weekend?


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