Centergy And A Smoothie

It’s my Friday!! … Oh, sorry. Maybe I shouldn’t brag about that. Hope y’all have an awesome Friday tomorrow! 🙂

I’ve been teaching a lot of Group Centergy this week because we’ve needed substitute instructors pretty badly lately. We don’t have a ton of instructors on our Centergy team, so I subbed out my Cardio30 classes to cover some Centergy classes. I’ve enjoyed teaching Centergy, but I’ve missed my Cardio30 class. I feel bad leaving my participants for a week. I think I’ll bring them a treat on Monday!

Lucy loves to help me practice Centergy.

After class yesterday, I came home and tried a new protein smoothie recipe. I’ve mentioned before, I love Drink Click protein powder and they have some yummy recipes on their website. The CLICK’n Double Caramel Protein Smoothie looked particularly tasty, so I made that yesterday.


You really should check out the picture on the Drink Click website because their photo looks wayyyy better than mine. The recipe can be found here. I tried of drizzle dulce de leche on top to make it pretty, but it just sunk.


I made a few tweaks to the recipe. The original recipe calls for almond milk and I used soy because that’s what I had on hand. It also calls for Dannon Greek yogurt in caramel macchiato flavor, which I didn’t have (but I WOULD had I known it existed!! Put it on my grocery list!), so I used vanilla Greek yogurt and a scoop of dulce de leche that a friend from Uruguay gave me. It reminded me of a blended caramel latte, but healthier! I’m totally going to make it when I’m craving a blended latte.

Tonight, I’m going to take a cardio class at the gym with a friend so I don’t die when I teach Cardio30 again on Monday.

I’m linking up with Katie for her Healthy Habits linkup today. She has some great tips for getting out of a funk! Anybody else fall into a funk once and awhile and just don’t know why? No? Just me? Well, just in case you ever do, check out Katie’s post! 🙂


How’s your week been?


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