Moving With EveryMove

I work out for several reasons. I workout to ward off the dreaded “muffin top,” so I can eat the occasional cookie (okay, okay, batch of cookies) without feeling guilty, because it makes me feel bad@$$, because it gives me energy, and because my family has a history of obesity that I don’t intend to follow.

But, when my bed is cozy, it’s raining outside or I just feel lazy, knowing all those great reasons for working out isn’t enough to get my butt out the door. Sometimes, I need to bribe myself. That’s where the app, EveryMove, comes in. EveryMove rewards you for working out! And it’s free. Um, sign me up!


The app lets you choose rewards to work towards, from discounts on Chia Warrior products to donations towards great causes, like the Make-A-Wish foundation. To be honest, most of the rewards aren’t things I would typically buy, so I haven’t used any of the discount rewards. I do like being able to earn donations to a good cause, though. Most of the time, I’m gonna workout anyway, so I might as well support a good cause while I’m at it.



With EveryMove, you can also compete against your friends. There’s a leaderboard that shows where you and your friends are in comparison to one another. Gotta say, didn’t realize I was so competitive until I got this app. I get on there after a Group Power class that leaves me unable to wash my hair in the shower (ouch, shoulders) and I’m still in 17th place?? What’s a girl gotta do to get in the top 3? Sometimes, just knowing that my position on the leaderboard is in jeopardy if I don’t work out is enough to get me to the gym. Whatever works.


The thing I like most about EveryMove is that it connects to all my tracking devices to give me points for my workout. I don’t have to record my run on MapMyFitness, then put it in EveryMove too. They all sync up! Anddddd it makes me really want to get a Garmin or some sort of steps-tracking device because I’m pretty sure that’s how everyone else is getting so many darn points! (Well, hello again competitive side.)

You can really get points for almost any activity. Gardening (prob the only thing that will make me garden), yoga, or my personal favorite way to #sweatpink, cycling! Oh, and running … And Group Centergy… Okay, so I have a lot of ways I like to stay active, and EveryMove counts them all. If an activity isn’t on EveryMove, it’s probably that they just haven’t had a chance to add it yet. There are hundreds of activities that count for points, so there’s really no reason not to be active!

Have you ever used EveryMove?

Do you use apps to motivate you to live a healthy lifestyle? I also love Plant Nanny – you water a virtual plant to track your water intake. If you don’t drink enough, it dies. Nothing like the life of a fake plant hanging in the balance to get me to guzzle some H2O.

I posted this on behalf of Fit Approach and EveryMove. But I got the app for free, so there’s really no reason to lie about it – all opinions are mine and completely honest. 🙂

You can download EveryMove on your iPhone here or on your Android here.


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