Friday Favorites 6/27

Happy Friday!!

I’m all packed and ready for the Pacific Crest race weekend! My dad is in Sunriver already so he picked up my race packed for me, and my mother-in-law is graciously watching our house and our cat for us while we’re gone. I’m just waiting for my hubby to get off work so we can get on the road, so I thought I’d get started on this week’s Friday Favorites. I love linking up with Heather at Housewife Glamour because I really enjoy reading about what other bloggers are currently loving.


There’s no real rhyme or reason to my faves this week – there just a few things that stuck out to me as amazing or fun or yummy!

Strawberry Protein Dream Smoothie from Blogilates.


I made this smoothie after a run earlier this week and it’s so creamy, sweet and refreshing!! Plus, it’s a really pretty shade of pink, so that automatically makes it a winner. You can find the recipe and nutrition facts here.

Also really tasty, but nowhere near as healthy…
Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream Eggs


Brandon brought these home from the discount grocery store this week and I’m slightly ashamed to say I’ve had one every night since. I don’t even know why, as an Easter product, they were still at the store, but I’m pretty glad Brandon spotted them! They have swirls of peanut butter throughout the ice cream and are covered on delicious chocolate. Mmmm!! They’re seriously amazing!

Coffee Flavored Wine In A Can


Image credit: Time

Ok, maybe I do have a bit of a theme this week. :p

Seriously?? Coffee + wine + it comes in a CAN = my new best friend. When I saw this on SELF magazine’s Twitter, I had to check it out.


It comes in Cabernet Coffee Espresso or Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino. I like white wine a lot better than red, so I’d really like to try the Chardonnay Coffee Cappuccino… Plus, the description says it has a bit of vanilla flavor to it and I loveeee vanilla lattes! Yum! If I can figure out where to get these, I’m thinking they’re gonna be essential for the next girls’ night!

Remodel Progress

There goes my theme…
I LOVE when I can see the progress being made on our house! For awhile, Brandon was working on plumbing and electrical and it just didn’t look like much. Lately, though, we’ve had drywall put in and have been able to start painting. Brandon started painting the living room this week and hung up the light fixture above our dining area.



It’s so pretty, I feel like we could just move in!!! Except there’s no floor… Or light switches… Or sinks… Or cupboards… Or… You get the picture. But we’re getting there!

Free Clothes

Duh, how would that not be a favorite?


To celebrate the end of our Girls on the Run season and honor the coaches for volunteering, GOTR teamed up with my gym to offer a GOTR themed Group Centergy class. Since I teach Centergy, they asked if I, along with another instructor, would lead the class. The event started with a little talk about what GOTR is and an abbreviated example of what some of be lessons look like, then flowed into a Group Centergy class. At the end, they had a few boxes of really nice Nike clothing that had been donated. Each coach and the instructors who helped with the event got to pick out a piece of clothing as a “thank you.” Since I taught and coached, they let me pick two! 🙂 Green is color we have to wear in Group Centergy when we teach, so I snapped up the tank top to teach class in. The sweatshirt is super cozy and has thumb holes! I’m taking it to Sunriver to wear the morning before the run while it’s still chilly out.

So those are a few of my favorite things this week (does anyone else get the Favorite Things song from The Sound of Music stuck in their heads when they say that?).

Do you have any favorites from the week?


6 thoughts on “Friday Favorites 6/27

    • Whitney says:

      Haha the website is and it says they sell it at WalMart, CVS and Kroeger’s, so I hope there’s one or the other of those near you! And no judgement if you do chug it! :p

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