Catalina Island Vacation Part 1

Hi all!! I’m officially home from vacation and, I have to say, I was very sad to leave Catalina Island. We were there for almost a week and the weather was gorgeous the entire time.


My goal for the vacation was to get lots of lying-by-the-ocean-with-a-book time and sprinkle in some activities, like Stand Up Paddleboarding and a run or two. I’m happy to say I met my goal!


We did a variety of activities: SUP, hiking, biking, a tour of the Catalina Casino, sunbathing, shopping, and I did sneak in one run.

SUP was one of my fave activites – I’ve been wanting to try it for awhile now. Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pics of it because I did want to risk taking my phone out on the high seas and loosing it. This is a picture of the beach by the bay we left from, though. Those cabanas look nice, right?? Well, they cost money to rent…so I took my towel and parked myself in the sand right next to the cabanas. Pretty much the same thing.


I spent quite a bit of time lying in the sand with a book while Brandon swam and snorkeled. I like looking at the ocean, and even dipping a toe in now and then. But, dude, there’s sharks in that things, so I ain’t going in! Seriously, it’s creepy swimming around in the ocean with fish and crabs and sharks and Lord knows what else in there! I’m perfectly content to just look at the ocean. That’s why I was tremendously pleased that, though others in our group (I won’t name names *cough* Brandon) fell off their paddle boards, I stayed firmly planted on mine. Thanks, Group Centergy, for strengthening my balance!


One thing I really loved about the island is that you can pretty much walk anywhere you need to go. There aren’t many cars on this island and there are golf carts and electric bikes to rent. Yes, electric bikes.


One my bros-in-law cruisin’ on the beach. 

The bikes had batteries on them that powered the bike, but you could pedal also. If you wanted a little extra umph, you could use the throttle. The throttle was super helpful on the winding hills we road up.


The view from the uphill portion of our bike ride.




I’m considering suggesting we get these bikes put in our cycling rooms at work for our spin classes. You think they’d go for that?? Nah, guess not. But you better believe my class is gonna be jealous when I tell them that I got to ride a bike that did most of the work. I might just save that little nugget of info for the hardest part of our workout on Monday. Muhahaha!

This is getting a bit long and there’s so much vacation left to cover, so I’ll break the recap up into sections. If you want to read a little more about our vacay, I did an island-themed Friday Favorites post. Here are a few more island pics to hold you over, though….Because I really miss the island.

IMG_5466 IMG_5551


What’s been your fave part of your week so far?



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