Friday Favorites 6/13

Today’s Friday Favorites is coming to you from Catalina Island so, of course, it’s going to be island-themed!


I’m linking up with Housewife Glamour as well.


On to my favorites this week…

Vacations, of course!!

Especially when I get to go somewhere warm and sunny! I arrived with my hubby and his family in Catalina yesterday and it’s absolutely beautiful here!! The water is the most gorgeous blue and it’s so fun to see all the boats, kayaks and paddle boards out on the water.




I was trying to get a nice couple photo and my bro-in-law bombed it. Thanks, Jason. Oh well, it’s vacation – what happens, happens. :p


Laying On The Beach With A Drink

I think this one’s pretty self explanatory. Heaven!


New Clothes!

We were walking by a cute little shop and Brandon thought I needed this swimsuit. Ok, honey, wherever you say. 😉


I’m sure I will have lots more vacation favorites in the next few days, but these are a few highlights from the trip so far. Everyone’s tucked away in the condo for the evening, resting and getting ready for another fun day tomorrow. I hear laughter coming from the other room, so I’m gonna end this now and go see what I’m missing!

Have you been to Catalina Island?

Where’s your favorite place to vacation?


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