Vacation Guilt and Quinoa Pizza Bites

The countdown is on and vacation is imminent. Does anyone else get a raging case of guilt when they go on vacation?? It’s so bizarre; I feel bad taking work off because I know someone has to cover me, and if I don’t go on vacation with pretty much everyone I know and love, I feel bad that I get to go somewhere fun and they don’t. In my head, I know this is crazy and unnecessary, I can’t seem to help it. Oh well, I’m sure the sunshine and beautiful blue ocean will distract me from my weird feelings! 🙂

Brandon and I are going to Catalina Island with his family for a few days. I’m really excited (despite my unnatural guilt) to hit the beach and play in the ocean. I’ve been wanting to try SUP (stand up paddle boarding), so that’s on my to-do list, and they have some great hiking, from what I hear. We even got a house-sitter to take care of Lucy while we’re gone. I feel so grown up just throwing that out there, “Oh yeah, we got a house-sitter.” PS Why does everything that makes you feel grown up cost money??? 

Anywho, in the week leading up to vacay, I’ve been trying to eat well and get some extra activity in. I’m sure we’ll be active on the beach and hiking, but we’ll also spend quite a few hours sitting in plane, ferry, and shuttle. I also know that, no matter how good my intentions, I will inevitably eat a bunch of junk on the trip. I tried to prep myself for success by packing some healthier treats for the plane.



I like to pretend that the peanuts, almonds, and dried cranberries in the trail mix cancel out the M&Ms. I mean, really, what’s trail mix without M&Ms?? Have you tried these KIND bars? They’re super good! A perfect blend of chewy and crunchy, and they’re bigger than the regular KIND bars so I feel like I’m getting more food. I found them at a natural grocery store here in town, then I saw them at WalMart too. The gummy bears are for Brandon – they’re his fave. Fortunately, gummy candies aren’t really much temptation for me. 🙂

I crave pizza, oh at least once….a day. Ok, maybe not quite that much, but I could totally eat pizza every day and not get sick of it. Since I’m trying not to splurge too much before vacation, I made these amazing Quinoa Pizza bites that I found on Pinterest. 




These babies pretty much cure my pizza cravings! The recipe calls for cherry tomatoes, but I’m not a huge tomato fan. I pretty customize the toppings with whatever I have on hand when I want to make them. This batch has pepperoni, onions and red and yellow bell peppers, along with the cheese and seasonings the recipe calls for. For the sauce, I used canned tomato sauce and spiced it up with some garlic and oregano. 



So tasty! And guilt-free! Doesn’t get much better!

I’m linking up with Katie’s Healthy Habits link up.



Do you have any vacation plans for the summer? 

Any great suggestions for healthy travel snacks?


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