How To Kick Allergie’s Backside

It’s the most wonderful time of the year!!! Oh… Wait… No, it’s allergy season and it is NOT wonderful.

My plan for this morning was to go on a 5 mile run, but my allergies had other plans. I slept horribly Wednesday night because I was so stuffed up and spent all of Thursday trying to figure out how to breathe out of my mouth instead of my nose without my lips drying out or accidentally inhaling a bug. I thought I’d be better by today, but last night was the same routine – tossing and turning, trying to prop pillows under my head so my nose wouldn’t be stuffed up.

When I woke up today still stuffy, I decided to forego the outdoor exercise and do some Group Centergy in the comfort of my climate-controlled home.

I know I’m not the only one who struggles with seasonal allergies, and those of us who fight the good fight need to stick together. So, today I took some time to research how to deal with allergies and still get in our favorite workouts. I mean, seriously, does anyone else get a little depressed that when it’s finally nice outside you can’t go on a run or bike ride without risking a major allergy attack?? I see your raised hands. We’re gonna conquer the allergy beast!

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Here are a few articles that I found to have some helpful tips on how to deal with allergies and not sacrifice your workout:

How To Get Seasonal Allergy Relief

I used a tip this article last night. After listening to me huff and puff trying to take in oxygen last night, Brandon suggested I try using the Neti Pot.


My dad swears by this thing, so I gave it a shot. It’s really weird intentionally pouring water up your nose. Ick! But it sorta helped… I say sorta because it loosened things up enough to blow my nose, but then I got stuffy again.

I also was relieved to read their suggestion to workout to relieve allergies. What? Exercise can actually help ease allergy symptoms? I’m in!

Exercise With Seasonal Allergies

I definitely use their tip to shower and wash my workout clothes immediately after exercising outdoors. Pollen can stick to you and your clothes, so changing out of those allergy trap clothes and washing the pollen off your hair and body totally helps. Plus, it’s just a good idea to shower right after you workout anyway. Washing that sweat and dirt off your body can help keep your skin clear.

Spark People also suggests checking the pollen counts in your area and not going out when pollen levels are the highest. That’s a good idea, but I’m too lazy to do it. Well, not so much lazy as I just have a limited window of time to get outside and run and I’m not going to limit myself more by cutting out more time. If you’d like to track pollen count in your area, there are apps for that (go figure).

I use The Weather Channel app to look at the weather forecast, but it also shows local pollen levels. It’s free too, which is my favorite price!


Enjoy The Great Outdoors During Allergy Season

Sadly, I know Lucy is part of my allergy problem, but I’m not giving up my sweet kitten! I try to vacuum and dust frequently. Prevention suggests getting a vacuum with High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filter. What do you know! Our new vacuum has just that!


There ya go – a few resources to help let you get up and out when allergies wanna keep you down and out! As you can see, I follow a few of these suggestions and others just aren’t practical for me. I’m not going to get rid of my cat and I’m just gonna have to deal with irritating construction dust until our remodel is over. But I use the tips I can to try to make my allergies more manageable. The Net Pot is my new friend and a quick shower after being outside helps. I also take OTC allergy medication almost daily. My hope is that these resources just give you a few tips to manage your own allergies so you can enjoy the summer sunshine!

Do you struggle with allergies?

Have any great tips that I didn’t mention?

What’s your favorite activity to do outside?


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