National Running Day (Cuz You Probably Haven’t Read A Post On This Today Yet)

In case y’all didn’t know, it’s National Running Day today. I intend to celebrate by …. not running. I taught Cardio30 this morning and am teaching Group Centergy this evening with work in the middle, so running just doesn’t fit into my schedule today. That’s okay, though. Just because I’m not running on National Running Day, doesn’t mean I’m not a runner.

In honor of one of my favorite (sometimes least favorite, depending on how conditioned I am) athletic activities, I’ll tell you why I love (again, sometimes hate) running. 


Until a few years ago, I never considered myself a runner, or even an athlete of any kind. I saw people running on the side of the road and thought they were crazy for putting their bodies through that. Eventually, I decided if other people could do it, and did it frequently, maybe I could do it too. So I tried…and it sucked. But ya know what? Even though it sucked – my lungs burned, my legs felt like lead, I sweat like pig in a wrapped in a hot pancake – I felt good about myself afterwards. I DID it. So, I signed up for a 5k. I walked a lot of it, but I completed it. So, I signed up for another one and I completed that one as well (with a good amount of walking). When my 3rd 5k rolled around, I was determined to run the entire thing. Even though, some of my trudging was probably slower than had I just stopped to walk, I ran that entire sucker and, ya know what, it felt GREAT! 

I don’t run to compete – I’m not fast and I know I probably never will be. I get stoked when I run a 10 minute mile. Being fast just isn’t that important to me. 

Um, yes


You will most definitely see me do this to ensure I get a good time…

marathon peeing.jpg


Ick! I even get grossed out having to use a porta potty on a run.

I did, however, do something on a run the other day that I never thought I’d do…

photo (2)

Yeah, that one was necessary. Dang allergies.

To me, running is not about speed or winning, it’s about challenging myself and just celebrating the fact that I can do it….oh, and the free t-shirts and food at races. 

What are you doing to celebrate National Running Day? And if you don’t run, just what are you doing today? 🙂

It’s also National Hug Your Cat Day! Are you celebrating that too??

I tried, but Lucy wanted no part of me. This is her “leave me alone” face.

photo (8)


2 thoughts on “National Running Day (Cuz You Probably Haven’t Read A Post On This Today Yet)

  1. Jen says:

    I missed all the celebrations! Hahah and I have a similar attitude towards running but just completed my second 5k. I hope I can run the next one all the way through like you!

    • Whitney says:

      That’s great, Jen! You can totally run the next one! I just had to keep repeating to myself, “You’re a rock star! You can do this!” It actually helped. 🙂

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