Pacific Crest, Here I Come!

It’s official! I finally registered for the Pacific Crest Half Marathon at the end of June. 


I’ve been mentally preparing to run this race and telling people that I am going to run it, but now that I’m actually registered, there’s no going back! I was a little nervous when I hit the “submit” button – like actually got butterflies in my stomach nervous. 13.1 miles is a long distance! And I just keep remembering how painful it was when I ran it last year.

My goal, when I decided to run this race, was to train better than I did last year. Not such a tough feat when you consider than I barely trained at all last year. I’ve been out on several 5 mile runs in the last month, so I can consider myself successful, I guess. I still don’t really feel prepared because I printed out a training program but haven’t really stuck with it. Last year, I was ill-prepared because I was cramming to learn my Group Ride material for my certification video, along with starting a new position at work. This year, I’m not really sure what’s made training so difficult. April was busy because we were short staffed at work and I worked a lot of extra hours. I also spent a lot of time focusing on learning a new release for Group Centergy. There’s no excuse, really, I just haven’t buckled down and made training a priority. 

There is still a month left, though, and I intend to make the most of it! Really, I don’t run these races to compete; I do it because I enjoy the race atmosphere, t-shirts and medals, and food at the end. I don’t feel I need to train to get an amazing time or beat anyone. I do want to be trained enough to not die like I almost did last year. My plan is to continue making 5 miles my shortest run until I start to taper (my fave part – let’s be honest), and to get up to at least 7 miles before race day. It’s not like I’m not active – I do teach Cardio30 and Centergy each week, so I have the cross training down. ;p Really, I’m just going to do what I can and it’ll be what it’ll be.

To get myself psyched for my last month of training, I picked up a Competitor Magazine at Jamba Juice. Lucy’s been reading it with me. She’s a great cheerleader.


Just because she’s so cute, this is a montage of selfies I attempted to take with Lucy the other day. We’re still working on the concept of posing. She’s a bit too fidgety.



Does anyone else have a race coming up?

Any favorite training programs?

Any favorite training tips?


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