You Know You’re An Adult When…

You get majorly excited over a new vacuum cleaner.


Seriously, when I got home last night and saw this package waiting for me, I jumped for joy.

The vacuum cleaner we’ve had for the last 2 years sucked (figuratively, not literally… That’s why I didn’t like it). It basically just pushed the dust and dirt around and it didn’t pick up little chunks of things, like small rock pieces that would be tracked in on people’s shoes.

Brandon finally got tired of my whining and jumped online to order me a Shark Navigator Lift-Away from Amazon. I waited impatiently for it to arrive. Even though it was past 8pm when I got home, I ripped into the box, glanced at the instructions and put that sucker (pun intended) to use.

Ain’t she a beaut?!

We have an area rug that’s maybe 5 ft by 9 ft and I vacuumed that first. Now, before I show you this picture, I just want you to know that I am not a dirty person. I seriously vacuum our whole house at least twice each week. I really hate little pieces of dust, dirt, cat litter, etc on my floor, so I vacuum A LOT. This just shows how terrible our previous vacuum was.


This photo is what was in my new Shark vacuum after JUST vacuuming the rug, nothing else. And I had already vacuumed the rug once this week. Ewwww!!!!

Oh man, after I saw that I was a cleaning machine! I seriously vacuumed our entire house! Don’t be too impressed, it’s less than 500 square feet. When Brandon came home, I was just staring at the floor – there were vacuum tracks on my carpet!! Seriously, it’s ridiculous to be this excited over a vacuum cleaner but, boy, I am!!

Does anyone else get excited over new household items?? Please tell me I’m not the only one.

What kind of vacuum do you have? I had heard the Shark brand is good and I’m definitely impressed (Brandon thinks it’s less the brand of vacuum and more the fact that I actually have a decent one now – whatevs).


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