Fueling My Better With Vega Sport

*This post is a review of Vega Sport provided through my ambassadorship with Fit Approach. I received a box of Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer to try for this review, but no other compensation. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Enjoy!

As a #sweatpink ambassador, I was recently given the opportunity to review a Vega Sport product of my choice. Vega is a company that creates clean, plant-based nutritional supplements. Their sports line is made up of protein powders and bars, electrolyte hydrators, energy bars, endurance gels, pre-workout energizers, recovery accelerators. Their products are designed to help you “fuel your better,” meaning they allow you to work hard, push through, and recover faster so you can continue to do the sports you love.


I decided to try the Pre-Workout Energizer because the hardest part of working out for me is getting my butt in gear in the first place. My Pre-Workout Energizer arrived just in time for my half marathon “training” (I put training in quotes because, well, y’all know I’ve only been running about once a week – I’m focusing on my cross training :p ).

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The first time I used the Vega product was for a Friday morning 4 mile run. I woke up puffy-eyed and stuffed up from allergies and was sooooo not feeling an outdoor run. Maybe you’ve already heard me whine about it here. I mixed up my Acai Berry Pre-Workout Energizer and was on my way!

photo (46)

The following week, I subbed Group Centergy for a coworker who was on vacation. Her class happens to be directly after my Cardio30 class, so I rush from one class to the next. I completely have to switch gears in less than a minute from cardio spinning to a more zen yoga/Pilates blend. I knew my brain needed to be firing on all cylinders (doesn’t happen often), so I used the Vega again before class the 3 days I had that class combination.

Yesterday, I basically wrote off as a rest day, until my dad texted me about his 6.7 mile run. About 7pm, I decided, eh, a run didn’t sound so bad. I mixed up some Pre-Workout Energizer and was on my way.

As you can see, I’ve tried the Pre-Workout Energizer at a couple of different times throughout the day and for a variety of different workouts, so I think I’ve given it a fair chance. The acai berry flavor is pretty good. I liked it nice and cold with lots of ice! The packaging is great because they come in awesome little packets that you can just toss in your gym bag.

photo (47)

It seemed to work pretty well too! It did tinge my blender bottle slightly yellow, so I recommend rinsing your bottle immediately after you finish your drink. I definitely feel that it gave me that extra “umph” needed to make the most out of my workouts. Maybe it was a placebo effect; my brain does tend to work that way. This morning, Brandon and I drove through a coffee shop. As we drove off, Brandon says, “You’re happier already.” I replied, “Yeah, I got coffee.” He said, “You’ve only had 2 sips!” “Yeah, but I have it.” What can I say, it’s magic. Anywho, back to Vega. I didn’t notice a jittery, over-caffeinated feeling like I’ve experienced with some pre-workout products. I’ll definitely continue using Vega as I prep for my half marathon, and I’m going to save a packet for race day!

Check out Vega and what they’re all about on their Twitter and Instagram.

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2 thoughts on “Fueling My Better With Vega Sport

  1. happylifehealthylife says:

    I love Vega!! I feel like the Pre-Workout Energizer gives me a nice little boost without really even noticing it’s there, which is good in my books! Sounds like you had a fun, active week 🙂

  2. Whitney says:

    Yes, I’d never tried it before but I definitely like it too! Especially the energy boost without the jittery feeling. 🙂

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