Bargains And Evening Runs

I scored a pretty sweet deal at Walmart today and I’m pretty proud of it.


Why yes, that is a foam roller and a massage roller for only $10! I was so excited, I almost did a little happy dance right there in the clearance aisle. My hamstrings and glutes have been so tight lately and I’ve been wanting to get a foam roller for awhile – I was just too cheap to actually do it… I mean, there’s a whole weight room full of them at work I can use anytime I want.  But it’s nice to be able to roll out at home and this deal was too good for even this tightwad to pass up!

If you have never foam rolled, you are missing out, my friend! Foam rolling is a great way to relieve muscle soreness post-workout. It’s a form of self-massage that soothes tight muscles, increases range of motion and flexibility and can help prevent injury. We pretty much swear by it at work, so much so that we’ve just recently launched a new training format that incorporates foam rolling into a restorative, recovery-based workout. You can often find employees rolling out in the office or even at the front desk using a lacrosse ball for the same purpose. Work hard, recover hard. I like to say we do it as a conversation starter to introduce members to the concept of foam rolling, but really we do it cuz it feels good. There’s more technical stuff behind how it works, but I’m not qualified to explain it all – I just know it works. Google it (my suggestion for pretty much everything). If you want a brief video with some suggestions for basic foam rolling techniques, Tone It Up has a great one here. Anywho, that’s my brief lesson (?) for the day.

When I got home, I promptly opened the package and put my new foam roller to good use.


Then I thought, maybe I should actually run too. Ya know, since I can come back home and roll afterwards now. That, and my dad sent me a text informing me of his 6.7 mile run. Challenge accepted! Oh, it wasn’t a challenge? Well, it is now! 

photo (43)

I just did a quick 2 miles since it was getting late in the evening. It was a beautiful night to run! Today’s high got up to 80 degrees and, by the time I ran, it had cooled off nicely. The top right picture is my post-run dinner. Grilled chicken and zucchini. My mom would be so proud of me for willingly eating veggies!! 

After my run I had to roll out again, of course.

photo (44)


Lucy is a good helper!

Oh! And we got our official Girls On The Run t-shirts at practice today! The girls (and me) were super excited! I can’t wait to see them all running their 5k in them!

photo (42)

Anyone else love foam rolling as much as I do??

What’d your workout look like today?


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