4 Miles And Friday Favorites

It’s Friday!!! I started off the day with a 4 mile run. It was a gorgeous morning and, since I spent the night at my parent’s house last night (we had our water shut off today for a plumbing inspection) I had a nice new route to run. 


I woke up with MAJOR allergies…I’m talking puffy eyes and I totally couldn’t breathe out of my nose. The puffy eye dilemma was easy to solve; I just threw on some sunglasses. Ta da! The breathing issue was a bit more difficult. I popped an allergy pill, but I was still stuffed up which made my run…interesting. But I finished it and that’s important part! 

On to the main reason for my post…I decided to do something a little different today. On My Food ‘N’ Fitness Diaries, Ashley her Friday Favorites and I really enjoyed her post, so I decided to copy her! Imitation is the highest form of flattery, right?? Ashley’s post is actually linked to the Friday Favorites series over at Housewife Glamour (a super cute blog I just discovered today, thanks to this series!). Anywho, I’m linking up to the Friday Favorites series as well with some of my favorite quotes this week! 


I love motivational quotes! Maybe they’re cheesy, but I feel like they help me. Seriously, I got through my first 5k by telling myself “you’re a rockstar!” over and over in my head when I wanted to quit running. Ok, maybe that’s more of a mantra than a quote, but I do think words have the power to encourage you and push you through tough times.

This first quote, I read in an article on Fiterazzi magazine called “10 Quotes That You Need To Hear” … If you love quotes and want to hear a few more, go read that article



“You are better than you think.” This one came in handy this week. I applied for a promotion at work and had an interview yesterday. As I was thinking about this job and what all it involves, who applied for it, and the person who is in this position now I felt vastly inferior and under qualified. I have such supportive coworkers, though, and several of them claimed that I would be good at this job. I underestimated myself and I just needed to believe that I’m better than I think



When I get discouraged about how slow I run, this quote helps me put things into perspective. At least I’m running, right?? Besides, I run races for fun….and for the food and free t-shirt..and medals…not to compete, so it doesn’t matter how fast I run anyway!



I’ve loved this quote for a long time. It was the quote I chose to go along with my picture in the yearbook my senior year of high school.


“It’s a nice day to be beautiful.” -guy in the Wal Mart parking lot

Let me explain – my mom and I were walking into Wal Mart one day and this random guy drives by and yells this out his car window. We decided it was a great quote and now say it to each other all the time. The photo is of a mug my mom painted this saying onto. It’s kind of our inside joke/quote now…though I guess it’s not so “inside” anymore. Feel free to use it if you wish. 🙂

And this last one is just a fun bonus:


“If you can’t say something nice, at least make it funny.”


This one cracks me up! I don’t completely agree with it. I mean, don’t be mean or anything. But it is pretty funny. My grandma has this mug and it really fits our family pretty well. Don’t worry – we just tease each other, we’re not serious in our comments. :p

There you have it! My 5 favorite quotes at the moment. Any good ones that I missed??


One thought on “4 Miles And Friday Favorites

  1. Heather says:

    Hi Whitney! I’m so glad you found my blog. Thanks for the shout out and for linking up! Awesome job on the run and loving the quotes. Especially when they are on coffee mugs! Happy Weekend! 🙂

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