Friday Favorites 5/30

Happy Friday!! It’s a beautiful one here in Oregon. I’m currently sitting in the sunshine watching over my garage sale. While I have some downtime between shoppers, I thought I’d take the opportunity to blog.


I’ve really enjoyed the Friday Favorites link up that Heather, over at Housewife Glamour, posts so I’m linking up again this week. Thanks, Heather!!




Plant Nanny App


At work, we have contests to see who can drink the most water in a shift. Most of us need the extra motivation to stay hydrated. One day, a coworker introduced me to this free app and I’ve been hooked ever since! I’m usually pretty good about taking in enough water throughout the day – I carry my water bottle everywhere with me. It’s fun to plant and water my little flower every day, though. It’s so sad – if you don’t drink enough water, it dies!! As you water it, it grows. Then, when it’s fully grown, you put it in your garden and plant another one! My brother thinks it’s dumb (ehem, Mr. Clash of Clans king), but it’s a fun way to track my water intake.

This article 

A 60 shot frappucino! What???

Foods you can just throw together to create a meal


Like this tasty combo. Brown rice, chicken, black beans, corn, red bell peppers, cilantro and a little lime juice. My go to meal when I just don’t wanna go grocery shopping (which is most of the time) is something along these lines. I love meals that can be thrown together fairly quickly with stuff I have on hand.

Summer produce!


It’s that time of year! Watermelon, raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, corn on the cob… Mmm, I’ll take it all!! Fresh produce is one of the best things about summer. Sunshine is another of my fave things about summer and, boy, am I enjoying it today!! Gonna put my phone down and soak up some rays!
Have a great weekend!

What are a few of your favorite things this week?

Do you have a favorite summer produce?


Pacific Crest, Here I Come!

It’s official! I finally registered for the Pacific Crest Half Marathon at the end of June. 


I’ve been mentally preparing to run this race and telling people that I am going to run it, but now that I’m actually registered, there’s no going back! I was a little nervous when I hit the “submit” button – like actually got butterflies in my stomach nervous. 13.1 miles is a long distance! And I just keep remembering how painful it was when I ran it last year.

My goal, when I decided to run this race, was to train better than I did last year. Not such a tough feat when you consider than I barely trained at all last year. I’ve been out on several 5 mile runs in the last month, so I can consider myself successful, I guess. I still don’t really feel prepared because I printed out a training program but haven’t really stuck with it. Last year, I was ill-prepared because I was cramming to learn my Group Ride material for my certification video, along with starting a new position at work. This year, I’m not really sure what’s made training so difficult. April was busy because we were short staffed at work and I worked a lot of extra hours. I also spent a lot of time focusing on learning a new release for Group Centergy. There’s no excuse, really, I just haven’t buckled down and made training a priority. 

There is still a month left, though, and I intend to make the most of it! Really, I don’t run these races to compete; I do it because I enjoy the race atmosphere, t-shirts and medals, and food at the end. I don’t feel I need to train to get an amazing time or beat anyone. I do want to be trained enough to not die like I almost did last year. My plan is to continue making 5 miles my shortest run until I start to taper (my fave part – let’s be honest), and to get up to at least 7 miles before race day. It’s not like I’m not active – I do teach Cardio30 and Centergy each week, so I have the cross training down. ;p Really, I’m just going to do what I can and it’ll be what it’ll be.

To get myself psyched for my last month of training, I picked up a Competitor Magazine at Jamba Juice. Lucy’s been reading it with me. She’s a great cheerleader.


Just because she’s so cute, this is a montage of selfies I attempted to take with Lucy the other day. We’re still working on the concept of posing. She’s a bit too fidgety.



Does anyone else have a race coming up?

Any favorite training programs?

Any favorite training tips?

Saturdays Are For Muffins!!

I love getting up on the weekends and baking something yummy for breakfast. Usually, I end up making pancakes, but I also love muffins. This morning, I had to work, so I didn’t get to make anything tasty. I did, however, make some flourless peanut butter chocolate chip muffins earlier this week that I can’t stop dreaming about.


These little muffins are amazing! I found the recipe for these Flourless Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Blender Muffins on Averie Cooks blog. You can get the recipe here. (You really should go to her page to check them out – her pics are way yummier looking than mine.)They were so tasty that I definitely pinned the recipe to make again later! The recipe has you blend the ingredients in a blender, then add the chocolate chips before pouring into muffin tins. I really enjoyed that part because I’m lazy and don’t like mixing things by hand. However, don’t do what I did and, in your rush to get the muffins into the oven so you can eat them sooner, forget to add the chocolate chips. I peeked in on them halfway through baking and something didn’t look right…no, the muffins looked tasty, just …it seemed like they were missing something…hmmm.. oh yeah! Chocolate chips!! You better believe I wasn’t about to eat them without chocolate, so I sprinkled the chips on the top and let them melt a bit for a nice chocolate topping.

I made the muffins Sunday night to take with me to my mom’s house on Monday for our weekly Dancing With The Stars viewing party (let’s all just take a moment to mourn the ending of the season – may the fall season come quickly!). I won’t embarrass her by saying how many she ate (not many, I promise), but she enjoyed them just as much as I did. Brandon, on the other hand, said they were just okay…he likes muffins better with flour. He ate plenty of them, so they couldn’t have been that bad. :p

I think I might make them again this weekend. Maybe for a yummy Sunday brunch. I’d like to go to church tonight, so that I have time in the morning to go for a run (something I’ve actually been doing semi-regularly *gasp*) and make something tasty for breakfast. Monday, I teach Cardio30 twice in the morning (I picked up someone else’s class who’s going to be out of town for the weekend), but other than that I have the day off.

What are your plans for Memorial Weekend?

Is anyone running a race this weekend? My dad just finished an 8k in 37:31 – 2nd in his age bracket.



Friday Favorites 5/23

I don’t know about you all (I really wanna just say y’all, but I feel like an impostor since I’m not Southern), but I really enjoyed the Friday Favorites post I wrote a few weeks ago so I’m doing it again. Of course, linking up to Housewife Glamour. She had some fun faves today, so you should totally go check them out! The ecard at the end made me laugh. 🙂

Housewife Glamour


I don’t have a specific theme this week, so this will just be a few random faves I’ve been lovin’ on lately.



Skinny Cow Heavenly Crisp Candy Bars:

These are soooo good! I really love the Little Debbie Nutty Bars and these taste eerily similar. Seriously, I wasn’t expecting them to be so good. I was first encouraged to try these Skinny Cow candy bars through a contest posted on the blog, Run Pretty. Just by eating some yummy candy bars, you could win a glamping trip! What is glamping?? Well, you should ask Run Pretty. 🙂



Coco cafe: 

Coconut water AND coffee?? Sounds like a match made in heaven… Tastes like one too. I brought one of these little guys to work the other day and now my coworker is hooked. My good deed is done. They come in vanilla, mocha, and original. The vanilla is the best in my humble opinion. Though, to be fair, I haven’t tried the original yet.



Shark Navigator Lift-Away:

Of course I’m going to add my new Shark vacuum. You can read more about my likely unhealthy attachment to it here.



Kitten Pics:

I saw this on Facebook yesterday. This is SO Lucy! She purrs and wants to be pet, then all of the sudden decides she needs to bite you… While purring. Weirdo.



My Loves:

These 2 faces are always my faves! 


Do you have any awesome faves this week? Please share!


You Know You’re An Adult When…

You get majorly excited over a new vacuum cleaner.


Seriously, when I got home last night and saw this package waiting for me, I jumped for joy.

The vacuum cleaner we’ve had for the last 2 years sucked (figuratively, not literally… That’s why I didn’t like it). It basically just pushed the dust and dirt around and it didn’t pick up little chunks of things, like small rock pieces that would be tracked in on people’s shoes.

Brandon finally got tired of my whining and jumped online to order me a Shark Navigator Lift-Away from Amazon. I waited impatiently for it to arrive. Even though it was past 8pm when I got home, I ripped into the box, glanced at the instructions and put that sucker (pun intended) to use.

Ain’t she a beaut?!

We have an area rug that’s maybe 5 ft by 9 ft and I vacuumed that first. Now, before I show you this picture, I just want you to know that I am not a dirty person. I seriously vacuum our whole house at least twice each week. I really hate little pieces of dust, dirt, cat litter, etc on my floor, so I vacuum A LOT. This just shows how terrible our previous vacuum was.


This photo is what was in my new Shark vacuum after JUST vacuuming the rug, nothing else. And I had already vacuumed the rug once this week. Ewwww!!!!

Oh man, after I saw that I was a cleaning machine! I seriously vacuumed our entire house! Don’t be too impressed, it’s less than 500 square feet. When Brandon came home, I was just staring at the floor – there were vacuum tracks on my carpet!! Seriously, it’s ridiculous to be this excited over a vacuum cleaner but, boy, I am!!

Does anyone else get excited over new household items?? Please tell me I’m not the only one.

What kind of vacuum do you have? I had heard the Shark brand is good and I’m definitely impressed (Brandon thinks it’s less the brand of vacuum and more the fact that I actually have a decent one now – whatevs).

The House Is Coming Together And My Running Power Combo

It’s been an exciting morning at the Fahlman house. We got insulation!!! 




Lucy’s not sure she likes what we’re doing with her play place.

Now that insulation has been installed, we can move on to drywall, which means that I get to paint soon!! I have mixed feelings about this. On the one hand, I’m excited because it’ll really start to look like a home. On the other hand, this highly indecisive person must make a solid decision on house colors. I don’t want anything super bold, but I do want a little color. I’m just having a hard time deciding if I want to go with a brown color palate or gray – I’m actually leaning towards the  “greige” look – a mix between gray and beige. I feel like it was created especially for people like me who can’t make up their mind to save their life. 

In other news, I had today off work because I’m working Friday instead this week, so I took advantage of the open morning to run. I logged 5 miles in the sunshine and it felt really good.


I think it mostly felt good because I ran in my new shorts!! 


Brandon and I went to the Nike outlet on Friday and I got 2 new pairs of awesome Nike shorts.


They were $13 each. A steal! As a matter of fact, I originally just bought the purple pair, then Brandon convinced me it was such a good deal and I needed a second pair. Okay, honey, if you insist! I love them because they’re loose and comfy but they also have a tight layer underneath so if I want to wear them to a group ex class I don’t have to worry about people seeing up my shorts when I do squats or when we do ab work on the floor.

I got up early before church on Sunday because I just had to test them out. I managed to bust out 5 miles that morning too and I’m just positive it was the shorts!! Or maybe it was the Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer I had beforehand… Or maybe both! That’s my new power combo: Nike shorts and Vega!

Fueling My Better With Vega Sport

*This post is a review of Vega Sport provided through my ambassadorship with Fit Approach. I received a box of Vega Sport Pre-Workout Energizer to try for this review, but no other compensation. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Enjoy!

As a #sweatpink ambassador, I was recently given the opportunity to review a Vega Sport product of my choice. Vega is a company that creates clean, plant-based nutritional supplements. Their sports line is made up of protein powders and bars, electrolyte hydrators, energy bars, endurance gels, pre-workout energizers, recovery accelerators. Their products are designed to help you “fuel your better,” meaning they allow you to work hard, push through, and recover faster so you can continue to do the sports you love.


I decided to try the Pre-Workout Energizer because the hardest part of working out for me is getting my butt in gear in the first place. My Pre-Workout Energizer arrived just in time for my half marathon “training” (I put training in quotes because, well, y’all know I’ve only been running about once a week – I’m focusing on my cross training :p ).

photo (45)


The first time I used the Vega product was for a Friday morning 4 mile run. I woke up puffy-eyed and stuffed up from allergies and was sooooo not feeling an outdoor run. Maybe you’ve already heard me whine about it here. I mixed up my Acai Berry Pre-Workout Energizer and was on my way!

photo (46)

The following week, I subbed Group Centergy for a coworker who was on vacation. Her class happens to be directly after my Cardio30 class, so I rush from one class to the next. I completely have to switch gears in less than a minute from cardio spinning to a more zen yoga/Pilates blend. I knew my brain needed to be firing on all cylinders (doesn’t happen often), so I used the Vega again before class the 3 days I had that class combination.

Yesterday, I basically wrote off as a rest day, until my dad texted me about his 6.7 mile run. About 7pm, I decided, eh, a run didn’t sound so bad. I mixed up some Pre-Workout Energizer and was on my way.

As you can see, I’ve tried the Pre-Workout Energizer at a couple of different times throughout the day and for a variety of different workouts, so I think I’ve given it a fair chance. The acai berry flavor is pretty good. I liked it nice and cold with lots of ice! The packaging is great because they come in awesome little packets that you can just toss in your gym bag.

photo (47)

It seemed to work pretty well too! It did tinge my blender bottle slightly yellow, so I recommend rinsing your bottle immediately after you finish your drink. I definitely feel that it gave me that extra “umph” needed to make the most out of my workouts. Maybe it was a placebo effect; my brain does tend to work that way. This morning, Brandon and I drove through a coffee shop. As we drove off, Brandon says, “You’re happier already.” I replied, “Yeah, I got coffee.” He said, “You’ve only had 2 sips!” “Yeah, but I have it.” What can I say, it’s magic. Anywho, back to Vega. I didn’t notice a jittery, over-caffeinated feeling like I’ve experienced with some pre-workout products. I’ll definitely continue using Vega as I prep for my half marathon, and I’m going to save a packet for race day!

Check out Vega and what they’re all about on their Twitter and Instagram.

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