I’m A Sweat Pink Ambassador!

You might have noticed a new addition to my blog…There’s a cute little pink badge on the right side of my page because I am now a Sweat Pink Ambassador!

The Sweat Pink movement was started by Fit Approach, a healthy community designed to support and encourage each other along the lifelong journey of health and fitness. To “sweat pink” means to work hard and sweat proudly, living a healthy lifestyle and encouraging those around you to do so as well. The first line of the Fit Approach mission is, “We believe that kicking ass is best done in pretty shoes.” I read that and knew I wanted to be a part of this community! I can look cute AND work hard! I can kill a spin class with prettily painted nails or run a race in an adorable tank top. You should read the rest of their mission and more about them. It’s a pretty cool community.




After checking out the website and reading about the Sweat Pink movement, I decided, “Hey, I should apply to be an ambassador!” I mean, after all, encouraging people to live healthy lifestyles is my job! I want to be able to help people along their journey to a more fit, fulfilled, energized, and active life. Seriously, if little miss non-athlete, hates-getting-dirty, my-neighbors-didn’t-even-know-my parents-had-a-daughter-because-I-never-played-outside (true story) can be a fitness instructor, race runner, and Girls on the Run coach, then anyone can do whatever they put their mind to. And that’s really all I want to do – encourage others to be a little more active and maybe eat a bit healthier so that they can live long, fulfilling lives and have the energy and strength to do whatever they want, whenever they want.

So thanks, Fit Approach, for allowing me to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador! I’m super excited!


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