Birthday Update And A Little Lesson I Learned

Now that it’s exactly a week past my birthday, I should probably finish my birthday update (because y’all are dying to know). The night before my birthday, my bestie, Erica, and I went to yoga and out for appetizers and drinks. We went to Jonathan’s, a restaurant here in town, and split cheese fondue and spicy tater tots. 

photo (39)

Fondue with apple slices, sausage and bread and tots.

Oh man, it was sooooo good!!! Or I was really hungry…probably both. The day of my birthday, my grandma took me out for lunch, then Brandon and I went out to a movie followed by more appetizers and drinks. Saturday, the whole fam got together for dinner, games and gifts. I pretty much have the best family. They made me feel so special!!

photo (3)

Me and my man…..and lots of cake.

Oh, and remember when I said I filmed my video to complete my Group Centergy certification back in MARCH??? Yeah, well on Wednesday I got around to watching said video and it DIDN’T SAVE! Gah! And it’s due next Saturday. So, I scrambled to round up 5 guinea pigs willing participants to be in my class while I filmed it again this morning. I didn’t really mind having to film it again – I could use the practice – but it’s been a super busy week learning new material for Cardio30 and Centergy. Launch is coming up next week (when we launch new routines in all our group exercise classes), so I’ve been cramming my brain full of new moves and attending practices for both formats. Digging back to former Centergy material, while trying to learn new was quite a challenge. But I did it and my video is finished!! Yes…I did check to make sure it saved to my memory card this time. Lesson learned.

photo (2)

Photos courtesy of my mama. Disregard my right hip in the top left pic…I just wanna take my finger and push it towards the floor a bit. Guess that’s why it’s good to film yourself – you can check your form.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Update And A Little Lesson I Learned

  1. Presley says:

    I don’t even WANT to see what I look like when I’m working out. I’d love to teach group fitness one summer when I’m not teaching school BUT I am a spazzzzz. I’m sure you did great!

    • Whitney says:

      I know whatcha mean! I hate watching myself…which is why I put off watching my first attempted video for so long. :p You should totally teach group fitness sometime! I’m sure you’re class would be super fun!

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