Nail Fun!

I’m trying reallllly hard not to let a week go by without posting, so today’s post won’t be very profound (are they ever, really??) but I wanted to get something up before Friday. 🙂

Last Friday was my birthday (yippee!!) and I had the day off, so I decided to do my nails. I love having pretty fingernails, but I hate paying to get them done and I get discouraged when I spend hours painting, letting a coat dry, painting another coat, letting it dry, and so on…only to have them chip the next day. In my nail stash, I found some nail stickers that I had bought months ago and just never used. I bought them on sale for super cheap at Urban Outfitters because they looked cute. I tucked them away in my bathroom and forgot about them. Then I read a post on Amuleta Beauty about her Valentines nail stickers and thought, “oh yeah, I should really use those.” But I forgot about them AGAIN. Finally, on my birthday, I remembered them and decided that a special occasion calls for special nails!

For this particular brand, you paint your nails with a coat of clear polish first. Once they’re dry, you apply the sticker to your nail, filing off any excess, then follow with a top coat of clear polish. Easy! And I only had to wait for 2 coats of polish to dry instead of the usual 4.




Voila! The finished product! It’s hard to tell, but the design is an assortment of colored gemstones.

The application was a bit sloppy because it was my first time but, overall, I really liked the stickers. Next time, I’d trim the stickers a bit before applying them. Some were a bit wide for my fingernail and adhered to my skin instead of the nail. They ended up peeling up a bit faster than I think they would if they were stuck to the nail. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on them in the past week! I love being able to do something different than just one solid color of polish, and being able to do it at home.

Wanna hear the crazy part?? I got 2 sheets of Jamberry nail stickers for my birthday too!!! One sheet has runners on them and the other has a bunch of bicycles. 



I think I’m gonna save the runner ones for my half marathon at the end of June. I have a feeling I’ll need the inspiration. 


So, what do you think of nail stickers??

Have you used nail stickers before?

Any tips for applying them?


2 thoughts on “Nail Fun!

  1. amuletabeauty says:

    Hello darling, your nails look fabulous! Thank you for the mention you are so sweet! I hope you liked my Valentine’s Day Nail Stickers post ♡ AB x

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