Trader Joe’s Shopping Trip

Saturday, my mom and I made a trip to Trader Joe’s. I was super hungry, so that right there will tell you how that trip went. I wanted to buy one of everything!!! I limited myself, though, to just chips and hummus, a bag of peanut butter filled pretzels and a chocolate bar. :p

If you haven’t tried Trader Joe’s brand edamame hummus, your life isn’t complete. It’s seriously the best stuff ever!! I like it better than regular hummus.


The only bad thing about it is that it’s too small. It needs to come in a bigger container so I don’t eat it all in one sitting… Okay, so I’d probably still eat it all in one sitting. It’s super yummy with veggies, but I had it with Trader Joe’s multigrain chips.

This chocolate is some of the best stuff on earth!


If you eat too much, it’ll give you the runs, though. On the bright side – built in portion control!! Hehe

You’ll notice I don’t have a pic of the peanut butter filled pretzels (told you I was hungry), but they were Trader Joe’s brand too. They are currently in my desk at work, where I’ll be able to pace myself a little better instead of plopping down on my bed and devouring the whole bag at once.

I just can’t control myself when I go into a store like Trader Joe’s – I want to get one of everything!! And then I want to get it in the gluten free, organic, vegan, and sugar free versions too!

I found an article on Fiterazzi, and online health and fitness magazine, today that reflected my feelings. “An Open Letter To Whole Foods,” and Trader Joe’s and Natural Grocers. It’s pretty funny – you should read it!

Do you shop at a natural grocery store like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods or Natural Grocers?

What’s your favorite thing to buy there? (Like I need more temptation ;p)


4 thoughts on “Trader Joe’s Shopping Trip

  1. Renee Winters says:

    Life source has these amazing baked quinoa balls with a spicy ranch type dipping sauce. (In the deli cooler) Great for a grab and go snack or lunch. And then of course there is my all time fav, Yerba maté bottled teas. When I need a pick me up, this is the drink for me!

  2. Fiterazzi Magazine says:

    Thanks for sharing our Whole Foods piece! You know, I haven’t tried the Edamame Hummus yet… I must go now!! Except I should probably wait til I’ve eaten something or else I might buy out the whole store.

    Jackelyn Ho

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