Flashback To Friday

Friday morning, I woke up to a text from my dad asking if I wanted to join him for a run. We met downtown to do a nice 3 mile “jog” around the park, across the river and back. I say “jog” because that’s what Dad called it.. Sure felt like a run to me! It’s been so difficult to breathe while running lately because my spring allergies have my nose all stuffed up. But, overall, it felt good to get out and run in the fresh air. We took a detour into downtown towards the end of our run and finished up at a coffee shop. We finished just in time because it started raining shortly after we placed our order. So, we enjoyed our coffee indoors while we waited for the rain to stop, then ran back to our cars to finish up.

20140406-151619.jpg (Instagram)

When I got home, I had so much energy that I deep cleaned my house. I probably vacuumed up a whole garbage bag full of dust… Probably why I had such bad allergies. Ew! Then, Friday night, Brandon and I went out dancing. A local dance studio was offering a free hour long dance lesson at one of our gyms. We learned the basics to the box step, waltz, salsa, and merengue. It was a lot of fun! One of the first group dates Brandon and I went on, before we were a couple, was a swing dance lesson. 20140406-154826.jpg

20140406-154833.jpg Brandon and I are on the left.

One year, when we were dating, Brandon’s Valentine’s gift to me was a few weeks of salsa dancing lessons. We’ve even been known to bust out some moves at restaurants. 20140406-154844.jpg


Okay, that doesn’t happen often. Brandon’s a really good dancer, so it’s fun to go out and show him off. 🙂


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