Midweek Musings

There isn’t a real clear pattern to my thoughts today, so this post is going to be a bit of everything I’ve been thinking about…Kinda like my last post.

I’m toying with the idea of signing up for a half marathon. I know, I know, after my last oneswore I’d never do another. I just ran a 15k, though, and did pretty well so what’s another 4 miles?? Plus, I didn’t train well for my last half marathon and it really sucked…like realllllly sucked. I’m almost ashamed to even count it – but I finished and that’s what’s important, right?! So, it does count, but I do kinda feel like I want to redeem myself. After running the 15k, I really feel that with good training I could rock a half marathon and not feel like I’m gonna die. The half marathon I’m thinking of is the Pacific Crest in Sunriver, the same race as my last half marathon. What better race to redeem myself on than the exact same one I did the first time?? This year, I’ll know the course and be more familiar with what running 13.1 miles actually feels like, so I know I could do a whole lot better. 

Why am I even thinking of running another half?? Well, because AA Sports keeps emailing me about races in my area when registration opens up. I see the emails and I’m like, “yeah, sign me up!!” I can be a bit impulsive..oops! So, I got the email about registration for the Pacific Crest, and the thoughts started coming…”Whitney, you could do the half again.” “Nah,” I thought back, “I’ll just stick with the shorter runs. Maybe a 10k this time.” So I texted my dad and asked if he’s running it this year and which race he’s doing. His answer? The half. “That’s it,” I thought, “I can totally do the half too. No wimpy 10k for me!” Then I found myself Googling “half marathon training plans” and I’m mentally going through my work schedule to see if I have that weekend off and thinking about all the things I have coming up between now and then and how I’m going to fit in my training runs. So, it’s safe to say that I’m kinda hooked on the idea of running this half, and though I haven’t signed up yet and it’s not official…it’s pretty much official. Oh, and it’s official that I’m insane. Yeesh! 

On a completely unrelated note, Lucy’s new thing is playing fetch. Does anyone else’s cat like to play fetch?? Lucy has soooo many toys. She’ll bring one of them to us in the middle of the night or earlllllly morning and want us to throw it for her. She hops up on the bed with her toy and plays with it on top of us or between us until we notice her, then she sets it down and looks at it like, “Well, c’mon, throw it already.” So we chuck it off the bed and she dashes off to chase it, plays with it on the ground for a bit, then brings it back. It’s really cute, but slightly annoying at 5am. For the last 2 nights, I’ve woken up with one of her toys in bed with me.


Lucy with her two favorite toys.

The other day, I realized it’s been quite awhile since my last remodel update. Things have slowed down a bit, but progress is still happening. We’ve put up siding on 90% of the house and painted about 40% of it.


The whole house has pretty much been wired and plumbing is practically finished.



We even have a nice little working fireplace. So cozy!

Brandon’s almost finished the deck off of our spare room upstairs. 


Things are coming together. We have a shower floor and a really nice bathtub with jets in our master bedroom, and all of our appliances are ready and waiting to be installed. When I’m washing dishes by hand every day, it almost kills me to think about the nice new stainless steel dishwasher collecting dust upstairs, so I try to forget we have it. The day is coming soon (ish) when we will get to enjoy our nice, new home! Until then, I’m learning patience…..and more patience. 

Is anyone else working on a home remodel? Geez, it’s a lot of work! What part of your house are you remodeling?

Surely my cat’s not the only one with odd habits. What kinds of funny things do your pets do?

Anyone else training for a half marathon right now?



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