Group Exercise Practice and Half Marathon Training (Or Not Training)

I’m supposed to be training for a half marathon, but life has been so busy this month!! We have Launch at work (4 times a year, we launch new music in all of our group exercise classes), so I’ve been busy learning new routines for Cardio30 and Group Centergy (PS it’s way more time consuming to learn 2 group ex formats than it is to learn 1 – go figure!). 


Yesterday, I had an hour between when I got off work and when I had to leave for Girls on the Run practice, so I spent that hour practicing my Centergy routine. I just found out that I get my own class in May!!! Well, sort of my own. It’ll be 2 days a week and I’ll teach one day and another instructor will teach the other day. I’m super excited because 1) I LOVE Centergy and this means I get to do it more and 2) doing it consistently will help me learn it better and become a better instructor.


Since I was busy with work and group ex practice all week, I was planning to run this morning for my half marathon training. Instead, I got called in to work because one of my coworkers is sick. I don’t mind working, really, but now I’m all showered with my hair and make up done and I don’t want to run after work because I’ll mess it up. Anyone else have that problem??? If I don’t work out in the AM, it’s really hard to make myself workout at all because I don’t want to have to redo my make up and hair. I know, I know #firstworldproblems. Maybe I’ll run this evening, and then it won’t matter if I’m all gross. C’mon, guys, help me out! I need some motivation! I suppose I could just think back to my last half marathon and that’d be motivation enough. Life got busy and training slacked (sound familiar??) and it was a horrible experience! The whole reason I want to do this half marathon is to redeem myself from the last one! So, I’m determined to train for this one! …Right after Launch is over. :p

Any good tips for balancing life and race training? Pass them on! I could sure use them!


I’m A Sweat Pink Ambassador!

You might have noticed a new addition to my blog…There’s a cute little pink badge on the right side of my page because I am now a Sweat Pink Ambassador!

The Sweat Pink movement was started by Fit Approach, a healthy community designed to support and encourage each other along the lifelong journey of health and fitness. To “sweat pink” means to work hard and sweat proudly, living a healthy lifestyle and encouraging those around you to do so as well. The first line of the Fit Approach mission is, “We believe that kicking ass is best done in pretty shoes.” I read that and knew I wanted to be a part of this community! I can look cute AND work hard! I can kill a spin class with prettily painted nails or run a race in an adorable tank top. You should read the rest of their mission and more about them. It’s a pretty cool community.




After checking out the website and reading about the Sweat Pink movement, I decided, “Hey, I should apply to be an ambassador!” I mean, after all, encouraging people to live healthy lifestyles is my job! I want to be able to help people along their journey to a more fit, fulfilled, energized, and active life. Seriously, if little miss non-athlete, hates-getting-dirty, my-neighbors-didn’t-even-know-my parents-had-a-daughter-because-I-never-played-outside (true story) can be a fitness instructor, race runner, and Girls on the Run coach, then anyone can do whatever they put their mind to. And that’s really all I want to do – encourage others to be a little more active and maybe eat a bit healthier so that they can live long, fulfilling lives and have the energy and strength to do whatever they want, whenever they want.

So thanks, Fit Approach, for allowing me to be a Sweat Pink Ambassador! I’m super excited!

Birthday Update And A Little Lesson I Learned

Now that it’s exactly a week past my birthday, I should probably finish my birthday update (because y’all are dying to know). The night before my birthday, my bestie, Erica, and I went to yoga and out for appetizers and drinks. We went to Jonathan’s, a restaurant here in town, and split cheese fondue and spicy tater tots. 

photo (39)

Fondue with apple slices, sausage and bread and tots.

Oh man, it was sooooo good!!! Or I was really hungry…probably both. The day of my birthday, my grandma took me out for lunch, then Brandon and I went out to a movie followed by more appetizers and drinks. Saturday, the whole fam got together for dinner, games and gifts. I pretty much have the best family. They made me feel so special!!

photo (3)

Me and my man…..and lots of cake.

Oh, and remember when I said I filmed my video to complete my Group Centergy certification back in MARCH??? Yeah, well on Wednesday I got around to watching said video and it DIDN’T SAVE! Gah! And it’s due next Saturday. So, I scrambled to round up 5 guinea pigs willing participants to be in my class while I filmed it again this morning. I didn’t really mind having to film it again – I could use the practice – but it’s been a super busy week learning new material for Cardio30 and Centergy. Launch is coming up next week (when we launch new routines in all our group exercise classes), so I’ve been cramming my brain full of new moves and attending practices for both formats. Digging back to former Centergy material, while trying to learn new was quite a challenge. But I did it and my video is finished!! Yes…I did check to make sure it saved to my memory card this time. Lesson learned.

photo (2)

Photos courtesy of my mama. Disregard my right hip in the top left pic…I just wanna take my finger and push it towards the floor a bit. Guess that’s why it’s good to film yourself – you can check your form.

Nail Fun!

I’m trying reallllly hard not to let a week go by without posting, so today’s post won’t be very profound (are they ever, really??) but I wanted to get something up before Friday. 🙂

Last Friday was my birthday (yippee!!) and I had the day off, so I decided to do my nails. I love having pretty fingernails, but I hate paying to get them done and I get discouraged when I spend hours painting, letting a coat dry, painting another coat, letting it dry, and so on…only to have them chip the next day. In my nail stash, I found some nail stickers that I had bought months ago and just never used. I bought them on sale for super cheap at Urban Outfitters because they looked cute. I tucked them away in my bathroom and forgot about them. Then I read a post on Amuleta Beauty about her Valentines nail stickers and thought, “oh yeah, I should really use those.” But I forgot about them AGAIN. Finally, on my birthday, I remembered them and decided that a special occasion calls for special nails!

For this particular brand, you paint your nails with a coat of clear polish first. Once they’re dry, you apply the sticker to your nail, filing off any excess, then follow with a top coat of clear polish. Easy! And I only had to wait for 2 coats of polish to dry instead of the usual 4.




Voila! The finished product! It’s hard to tell, but the design is an assortment of colored gemstones.

The application was a bit sloppy because it was my first time but, overall, I really liked the stickers. Next time, I’d trim the stickers a bit before applying them. Some were a bit wide for my fingernail and adhered to my skin instead of the nail. They ended up peeling up a bit faster than I think they would if they were stuck to the nail. I’ve gotten lots of compliments on them in the past week! I love being able to do something different than just one solid color of polish, and being able to do it at home.

Wanna hear the crazy part?? I got 2 sheets of Jamberry nail stickers for my birthday too!!! One sheet has runners on them and the other has a bunch of bicycles. 



I think I’m gonna save the runner ones for my half marathon at the end of June. I have a feeling I’ll need the inspiration. 


So, what do you think of nail stickers??

Have you used nail stickers before?

Any tips for applying them?

26 Things I’m Thankful For

Yesterday, for our Girls on the Run lesson, we talked about gratitude and what it means to reflect on the things we’re thankful for. The girls had to run silently, by themselves to practice being alone with their thoughts.

Today, in honor of yesterday’s lesson, I decided to take some time to sit quietly with my thoughts and reflect on the things I’m thankful for. Since it’s my 26th birthday today, I’m going to list 26 things I’m thankful for. What better way to celebrate being a year older than to take a look at my life and appreciate all the good things in it!

1. That Christ died for ME and forgives my sins.

2. My sweet, funny, smart, talented husband who makes me feel so loved and cared for (he got up before 7am to make me french toast for breakfast).


3. An amazing family that enjoys spending time together… And is sometimes a little crazy. :p

4. Wonderful in-laws who treat me as their very own and are so loving and generous.

5. My adorable kitty, Lucy.


6. Owning our own home that, despite being under construction at the moment, is turning into a beautiful place to live.

7. Awesome coworkers who make work fun.

8. Sunshine on my birthday!!!!

9. Coffee (and free coffee on my birthday!!!)


10. Chocolate, of course.

11. Soft, snuggly blankets on a cold day.

12. Slippers (I wear mine around the house all the time!)

13. A body that can move and be active.

14. Living in Oregon, by far the prettiest state ever!

15. Pictures, so that I can look back and enjoy great memories.

16. An education.

17. Nail polish – pretty toes are a must!

18. The TV show, “The Office.” It never fails to make me laugh!

19. Popcorn

20. The color purple… And glitter

21. Peanut butter!

22. A car that, though affectionately named Chip (for obvious reasons), runs and gets me where I need to go.

23. Wonderful friends! We can be miles apart and still stay good friends.

24. My iPhone … Yeah, I know, lame… But seriously.

25. Sparkling wine

26. Cake! (After all, what’s a birthday without it??


Happy Friday, everyone!! I’m off to spend the rest of the evening with my hubby!!

Trader Joe’s Shopping Trip

Saturday, my mom and I made a trip to Trader Joe’s. I was super hungry, so that right there will tell you how that trip went. I wanted to buy one of everything!!! I limited myself, though, to just chips and hummus, a bag of peanut butter filled pretzels and a chocolate bar. :p

If you haven’t tried Trader Joe’s brand edamame hummus, your life isn’t complete. It’s seriously the best stuff ever!! I like it better than regular hummus.


The only bad thing about it is that it’s too small. It needs to come in a bigger container so I don’t eat it all in one sitting… Okay, so I’d probably still eat it all in one sitting. It’s super yummy with veggies, but I had it with Trader Joe’s multigrain chips.

This chocolate is some of the best stuff on earth!


If you eat too much, it’ll give you the runs, though. On the bright side – built in portion control!! Hehe

You’ll notice I don’t have a pic of the peanut butter filled pretzels (told you I was hungry), but they were Trader Joe’s brand too. They are currently in my desk at work, where I’ll be able to pace myself a little better instead of plopping down on my bed and devouring the whole bag at once.

I just can’t control myself when I go into a store like Trader Joe’s – I want to get one of everything!! And then I want to get it in the gluten free, organic, vegan, and sugar free versions too!

I found an article on Fiterazzi, and online health and fitness magazine, today that reflected my feelings. “An Open Letter To Whole Foods,” and Trader Joe’s and Natural Grocers. It’s pretty funny – you should read it!

Do you shop at a natural grocery store like Trader Joe’s, Whole Foods or Natural Grocers?

What’s your favorite thing to buy there? (Like I need more temptation ;p)

Flashback To Friday

Friday morning, I woke up to a text from my dad asking if I wanted to join him for a run. We met downtown to do a nice 3 mile “jog” around the park, across the river and back. I say “jog” because that’s what Dad called it.. Sure felt like a run to me! It’s been so difficult to breathe while running lately because my spring allergies have my nose all stuffed up. But, overall, it felt good to get out and run in the fresh air. We took a detour into downtown towards the end of our run and finished up at a coffee shop. We finished just in time because it started raining shortly after we placed our order. So, we enjoyed our coffee indoors while we waited for the rain to stop, then ran back to our cars to finish up.

20140406-151619.jpg (Instagram)

When I got home, I had so much energy that I deep cleaned my house. I probably vacuumed up a whole garbage bag full of dust… Probably why I had such bad allergies. Ew! Then, Friday night, Brandon and I went out dancing. A local dance studio was offering a free hour long dance lesson at one of our gyms. We learned the basics to the box step, waltz, salsa, and merengue. It was a lot of fun! One of the first group dates Brandon and I went on, before we were a couple, was a swing dance lesson. 20140406-154826.jpg

20140406-154833.jpg Brandon and I are on the left.

One year, when we were dating, Brandon’s Valentine’s gift to me was a few weeks of salsa dancing lessons. We’ve even been known to bust out some moves at restaurants. 20140406-154844.jpg


Okay, that doesn’t happen often. Brandon’s a really good dancer, so it’s fun to go out and show him off. 🙂