A Little Bit Of Everything

Just want to forewarn y’all, this is gonna be a totally random post. It’s before 10am on a Saturday morning, so my brain is not fully awake yet. And I’m hungry…but, sadly, I already ate my lunch. I know, I just couldn’t help myself. So, clearly, it’s a random kind of day, so you’re gonna get a random kind of post.

First, I started the morning with a yummy Drink Click caramel latte! I don’t have a pic because I was in a hurry this morning and barely had time to make coffee, let alone snap a photo of it. I do have this photo, though.


If you haven’t tried Drink Click, you totally should! It’s a protein powder with espresso! What? You mean I can get my protein and my coffee in 1 drink?? That’s right! Super easy, super tasty! Each serving has the equivalent of 2 shots of espresso, 15 grams of protein and 23 vitamins and minerals. I first tried Drink Click when I won a contest from the lovely, Sara, at Loving on the Run. She gave away a canister of vanilla Drink Click, samples of the mocha and decaf mocha, and a blender bottle. I was hooked at first sip! When I ran out of the vanilla, I ordered a canister of mocha. Both are really good, but I like the vanilla a bit better, I think. Drink Click recently came out with a new caramel flavor, so I decided it was time to stock up again. This time, I ordered an canister of caramel Drink Click and one of vanilla on Wednesday and they arrived on Friday. What?? You heard right, they arrived 2 days after I ordered them! And that was regular shipping, not something fancy-smancy. I was impressed…and excited!! So, I got to try the caramel this morning. It was really good – probably ties with vanilla as my favorite flavor.

Another tasty treat I’ve been hooked on this week are these babies…


Who has heard of Belly Flops?? I never knew these existed until I was browsing the candy aisle at my local discount grocery store. I LOVE Jelly Bellies, especially in the springtime and around Easter – they just seem like an Easter treat to me. They can get really expensive, though, so I don’t buy them much. When I saw these, and that they were discounted because they’re shaped funny, I HAD to throw them in my shopping cart….then when I ate them all, I had to go back and buy another bag. Oops! 


This is the king of all Belly Flops! And he was tasty.

Brandon stopped by my work today and brought me this pretty daffodil. He’s so sweet!


And, to round out my randomness, an adorable photo of Brandon and Lucy snuggling. 


Aren’t they cute together? When we got a cat, I knew that we were getting it primarily because I wanted one. I knew Brandon would be nice to her and maybe pet her every once and awhile, but he didn’t seem all that interested in actually being a cat owner. He totally loves her, though. It’s so cute! He plays with her and snuggles her and misses her when we’re gone. He even sends me pictures of her when I’m at work and she does something cute. Such a sap! I love him!

Tell me something random. I can’t be the only one whose brain is all over the place today!

Anybody else tried Belly Flops before?

What’s your fave spring/Easter candy?? I also really love Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs!


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