Sunriver Adventures

Remember when I said we went on a mini vacay, but you’d have to wait to hear about it? Well, the suspense is over! I shall tell you about it now!

Over the weekend, Brandon and I spent a few nights in Sunriver with our friends, Erik and Erica (yes, those are really their names – so cute!). Sunriver is one of my favorite places in the world. It’s in Central Oregon, where the climate is dry (I abhor the rain, so this is my paradise), it’s sunny 300+ days a year, with mountains and rivers and a crystal-blue sky. I love visiting Sunriver, so I was excited when we decided to plan a weekend trip with friends.

We left Friday evening and stopped for dinner in the little town of Sisters, 30-40 miles from Sunriver. By the time we rolled into Sunriver, it was after 10pm, so we just unpacked and went to bed. Saturday morning we got up and, after breakfast, went for a bike ride. Sunriver has endless bike trails and I love riding there because you don’t have to worry as much about getting whacked by a car because there are designated bike paths all through the town…and the speed limit is, like 25 mph. Fortunately, we had 4 bikes at the house, so we all got to ride together.


The weather was beautiful!! It was sunny and around 50 degrees both days we were there. Our bike ride on Saturday was a bit on the shorter side, then we came home to make lunch.  After lunch, we went into Bend, a nearby city, for a little shopping and dinner. 



Sunday, we went on a longer bike ride around along the river. 



Clearly, I didn’t actually get any pictures of the river (doh!) and, clearly, I’m always in the back.

Towards the end of our ride, we decided it was time to take a coffee break. We stopped at Bellatazza, my favorite coffee shop in Central Oregon. It was so beautiful out that we decided to sit at a little table outside.  



It was so relaxing to get away for the weekend and just do nothing. I mean, we did stuff…like bike riding and cooking… but it’s different when you’re not at home, ya know. And it was totally nice to have a dishwasher, cable, and a couch…and rooms. Studio living gets old after a bit, so it was nice to have some space to stretch out. I did miss my little kitten, though. *tear* My in-laws were super nice to take care of her. They came by on Saturday and Sunday to feed her and snuggle her and sent me pictures each day. Check out this gem of Lucy sitting on my father-in-law’s lap.


She looks like she’s in heaven. Even with all the attention she got while we were gone, she must have missed us a little bit because the minute we walked in the front door she jumped on Brandon.


Reunited and it feels so good!



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