Workout Week

Uh oh, I’ve been slacking on blogging this last week. Gotta keep up my New Year’s resolution to blog more consistently.

You’re in luck because there’s actually quite a bit to catch up on. 🙂 I ran the Shamrock Run 15k 2 Sundays ago and am just now feeling back to normal. I was beat after that run! It felt good to run it and to actually finish the whole thing, but my body was not pleased with me the days after. Monday, the day after the Shamrock, I had to teach Cardio30. I hobbled to work a half hour early to foam roll before class. It felt so good! I mean, it hurt like crazy…but then it felt good! My quads were on fire and my left food hurt quite a bit too. I looked ridiculous limping up and down the stairs at work!


Actually, teaching felt good. It was nice to get my muscles moving in a more low-impact way than running. I figured I’d teach Monday and take a rest day Tuesday since my body was so sore, but I forgot that for our weekly work meeting we decided to take a group training class together. *face palm* So Tuesday, with my foot hurting and my quads still killing, I did an hour-long training class. Wednesday, I taught Cardio30 again and then quickly changed workout tops and slipped off my ride shoes to sub a Group Centergy class directly after (sidenote: I filmed my video for my GC certification!! Woo!!). Thursday, I planned to take a rest day, but I forgot that the whole company was going to take a new group exercise class together (clearly, I need to use a planner). Our club decided we needed to outshine the other clubs by dressing as a theme – we chose to rock some 80’s-wear.


Back in the day, I used to rock some serious “mall bangs.” In high school, I promised my mom I’d never wear them again, but I had to bring ’em back for our 80’s look. Sorry, mom! They had kinda died down by this point from all the sweating and jumping around.


Some of our crew getting ready before the workout. I wish I had a pic of my whole outfit – neon yellow leggings covered by bright pink shorts. Oh yes, I did!

I finally got a rest day on Friday! Whew! I love love love my job for the fact that there are so many active things that I get to do. I mean, I get paid to workout. Sweet, right?? I just kinda wish it wasn’t all packed into the week after the Shamrock. Oh well, I survived! I took Friday as a rest day and was back to cycling Saturday and Sunday… Outdoor cycling this time! We went on a mini vacay last weekend and we took advantage of some great bike trails – but that’s a post for another day, so you’ll just have to wait to hear about it. ;p



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