Gearing Up For A Busy Week

The Shamrock Run is exactly 1 week away, so I decided to paint my nails to keep me inspired throughout the week….and maybe it’ll make me run faster! No? Ok, well a girl can wish. 



I had the whole weekend off, so I got in a run on Friday and Saturday morning. Friday was beautiful, but Saturday I barely finished my run before it started to rain. 




I’m excited for the Shamrock Run coming up on Sunday but before I rush to Sunday, there are a few other fun things coming up this week. First, tomorrow I’m teaching my very first full Group Centergy class. I’ve team taught before, but never done the full hour-long class all on my own. I was asked to sub for a class that starts right after my Cardio30 class ends, so I’ll be running from one class to another. I’m a litttttttle nervous, but mostly excited. I know that I know the songs and moves, but there are always a few nerves when you do something new.

Second, Girls on the Run starts this week. A few weeks ago, I talked about a new volunteer opportunity I’m taking on. I’m coaching for an after school running program for elementary school girls. The program meets twice a week for 10 weeks and culminates in a end of the season celebratory 5k run. Our first meeting is this coming Tuesday and I’m excited….but kinda nervous too. Again, one of those new-experience-nerves things again. I think it’ll be fun, but I’m in charge of keeping track of 12 girls. Oy! I have an assistant coach who will be there one practice a week and a parent volunteer, so I won’t be totally on my own. Still a little daunting, though, ya know? But I’m still looking forward to it. 


So that’s what my upcoming week looks like. Lots of fun stuff! Gotta go finish making dinner – the hubs is getting hungry- and run through my Centergy release and a new Cardio30 release for tomorrow morning.

Has anyone else had experience with Girls on the Run?

Anyone running a St. Patrick’s Day themed race this weekend?


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