A Sunny Saturday Run

It was another warm, sunny February day today, so I took the opportunity to run outside again. I realllllllly debated taking a rest day. I was sore and just felt like being lazy. But nice days are so rare in Oregon this time of year, so I knew I had to take advantage of the great weather.


It’s so much fun to run when the sun’s shining and I’m not freezing my backside off. I ended up taking bit longer route than yesterday; not much, just an extra half mile. I started out the first mile pretty steady, then when I heard my Map My Fitness app tell me that my pace was over 12 minutes I decided that this was ridiculous..I’m done being slow. So for my second mile, I decided to do some intervals.

When I signed up for the Shamrock 15k, I asked some friends for advice about how to increase my speed and they all suggested either intervals or running hills. That’s why, when I got fed up with my sloth-like pace, I decided to run some intervals. I started out at my normal pace, then chose a landmark ahead of me (a mailbox, stop sign, bush, etc), something that was a few yards away. I told myself I’d run as fast as I can to that landmark. When I got there, I slowed to a jog for about the same distance, then walked a little farther. Once I had caught my breath a bit, I picked another landmark and did it all again. I figured that with the walking breaks in there, I probably wasn’t going to finish my second mile all that much faster than my first. However, when I finished my second mile, Map My Fitness called out “10.41,” about a minute and a half faster than my first mile. Woo! Ok, so it actually works. I decided to keep it up for mile 3 and finished that one in just over 10 minutes. Score! I felt really good after that, like if I actually put some effort in to my runs I could, in fact, get faster. Go figure! 



I felt pretty accomplished when I finished. And to think, I got out of bed thinking, “Eh, maybe I’ll just take the day off.” Even when you don’t feel like it, get out there and do something active. You’ll never regret it – you might even have a great run!


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