Race Swag Motivates Me To Run

Yesterday, I got my t-shirt and race bib for the Shamrock Run!!


It’s super soft and comfy! But it’s also a reminder that I have to run 9+ miles in less than a month. Yikes! So I got up this morning and ran a little over 2 1/2 miles.


Fortunately, it wasn’t raining… A rarity for Oregon this time of year. Actually, it was beautiful out. I didn’t even have to wear a jacket! I did layer long sleeves under my t-shirt, though. It is still February, after all.



At first, it was brutal. I got a side cramp less than 1/4 mile in and my feet felt like lead, but once I got going it felt really good. I probably could have gone father, but my route is only 2 1/2 miles and all my options to keep going we’re uphill. Um, no thanks. Plus, last night I went to yoga and a cardio dance class with a friend, so I was already pretty sore.

It felt good to end with a little energy left. After I got home, I spent a good amount of time stretching and used a large jar candle to roll out my calves (ya do watcha gotta do). I also used the very last of my mocha Drink Click to make a protein shake. *tear*


I need to work up my mileage quite a bit, so I’ll probably run again tomorrow and take a longer route.
Later in the day, Lucy and I shared a snack. It’s very rare that she sits on my lap without biting or wanting to play, so when she does I pretty much let her do whatever she wants…including lick all over my grapes. Don’t worry, I didn’t eat the rest.


Gotta go now! I’m headed to a late lunch/early dinner (linner??) with my mama at Chipotle! Mmm!


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