Money Can’t Buy Happiness…But It Can Buy Nail Polish….and Clothes

Yesterday, I got to team teach a Group Centergy class with one of my favorite instructors! It was really fun…and kinda intimidating. I mean, it’s totally different doing the poses on stage as opposed to doing them as a part of the class. And being the one guiding everyone else through the moves?? Talk about pressure! But I had fun and it’ll get easier as I do it more often. I’ll be teaching again on Monday, so I’ll be a pro after that! Totally kidding!

Before I could teach on Wednesday, I had to buy a green workout shirt because green is the Group Centergy color. So I went to my fave place to buy workout clothing, TJ Maxx. Seriously, this place has cute clothes and awesome deals! I’ve bought almost every pair of workout pants I own there. I got this cute Nike tank for half off the original price.


Then, since I was in the athletic section anyway, I decided to look around at all the fitness gadgets. I found this running wrist band and couldn’t leave it! I’ve been wanting something like this to hold my gels, ID, some cash, and whatever else when I run races. I usually just try to stuff as much into my iPod arm band as I can, but it doesn’t really stay put and then I’m running with my arm squished next to my body to hold everything in and it’s really awkward. I liked this wrist band because it’s light and it won’t feel bulky on my wrist, but it’s big enough to hold at least 1 gel and my ID, which is mainly what I was looking for.


I thought I was being good and would leave the store without buying anything else, but I got to the register and a display of Essie nail polishes caught my eye. Seriously?? Why do they put stuff by the register?? They should know I have no self control! I found a super cute pink polish, which I HAD to buy because I don’t have one (as I realized on Valentine’s Day). Then I saw this really cute orange-y polish and it was pouring down rain outside and the color looked so sunny and summery, so I bought it too. Impulse shopping at it’s finest (or worst??).



The orange is “Saturday Disco Fever” and the pink is called “The Girls Are Out.” The pink kinda has some shimmer to it as well, which makes it extra awesome! I decided to try it before the orange as kind of a post-Valentine’s celebration since I didn’t have pink for V-Day. 


The verdict? Impulse purchase success!!

It was kinda nice to spontaneously treat myself. I don’t do it often, as a matter of fact, I really try not to buy things I don’t need. But every once and awhile it’s just a nice little mood booster to get something fun.


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