Mondays and A New Adventure

Happy Monday, lovelies!

This is what I felt like this morning….



I had a brief period of post-workout high after teaching Cardio30 and taking Group Centergy this morning. It’s Launch Week at our gym, so it’s always exciting to go to class and have new music and workout routines. Plus it’s a holiday, so the classes were pretty full this AM, which always gets me pumped! 

Now that my post-workout high has worn off, I’m back to sleepy…not so much sleepy, more just tired. You know those weekends where you need a weekend after your weekend?? That’s what this past weekend was like. I worked on Saturday and I had a training Sunday that started at 9 and didn’t get over ’til 6:30pm…and I had to drive an hour to get to it and an hour to get home. Once I got home, I had to quick review my Cardio30 launch so that I’d be ready to teach it in the morning. It wasn’t a bad weekend. Everything I was doing was good stuff – I enjoy my job, the training was great, and I really do love practicing Cardio30. It just wasn’t a very restful weekend, ya know? So I’ll stop complaining. I’ve had my afternoon coffee and I’m sure it’ll kick in any minute now! 

So, this training I was at all day yesterday, I’m sure y’all were just dying to know what it was for…ok, just pretend that you were. I recently signed up to volunteer for an after-school program for young girls called Girls on the Run. It’s a program that aims to teach young girls how to live healthy, confident, fun lives by incorporating life lessons with running. At the end of the 10-week program, the girls celebrate by running a 10k.

The Girls on the Run mission is:

We believe that every girl can embrace who she is,

can define who she wants to be,

can rise to any challenge,

can change the world.


I’m super excited to be coaching a team at one of our local elementary schools. I’ll be coaching 3rd to 5th grade girls twice a week for 10 weeks. Brandon and I were talking a few weeks ago about what we contribute to the world and about living for more than just ourselves. I thought back to a flier I had seen at work for this program and decided that was my cue to volunteer some of my time to make a difference. I had seen the flier – it was pink, so of course it caught my attention – and thought, “hmm, that sounds like something I’d like to do,” but never signed up to help out. Our talk was just the kick in the pants I needed to follow through. 

I love the heart behind Girls on the Run – to help young girls build confidence, recognize their self worth, learn valuable life skills, and build a bond through running. Running…all types of athletics, really…was never something I saw myself as good at, but through pushing myself to try something new I learned, and continue to learn, that I am capable of anything I put my mind to. It’s a lesson I wish I would have learned earlier in life, so I’m excited to help young girls realize that for themselves. Plus, the season ends with a 5k – fun t-shirts, post-run BBQ, awards, cheering family members – I’m all about the excitement that comes from running a race, and I can’t wait to see the girls experience that as well.



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