Valentine’s Day!!

This is my post-Valentine’s Day …post. I wrote an update about the snow storm yesterday and I did it from my phone…which is 10 times more complicated than just posting from a computer…so I really wasn’t up for posting twice yesterday. Plus, by writing my Valentine’s Day update today, y’all get two days of me!! You’re welcome.


To start off the day, I made Brandon breakfast. Pancakes, bacon, and strawberries. Mmm!! Oh, and coffee, of course! I was gonna get all cutesy and shape the bacon into hearts like I saw on Pinterest but, let’s be honest, the boy didn’t care what shape his bacon was in as long as he got to eat it! I did take the time to cut one strawberry into a heart…just for a picture..then we polished off our Valentine’s breakfast while, answering emails and checking Facebook. So romantic, I know.



Brandon had to work yesterday and I babysat for a coworker for a few hours, but we met back up in the evening for dinner. We were going to go to this nice Italian restaurant that we had heard great things about, but they didn’t take reservations and when we got there the wait was 2 hours. 2 HOURS! Um, no. So we went to a nice pizza place instead. We went for a short walk (it was cold!). Then came home to snuggle in and watch Red 2. What??? “Red” is in the title, so I count it as a Valentine’s movie. 

I got some beautiful flowers from my sweet hubby. It’s kinda funny, ’cause earlier that day I had been thinking, “I don’t know if Brandon’s gonna get me flowers, but if he does I kinda hope he doesn’t get me roses.” Don’t get me wrong, I love roses! But I feel like on Valentine’s Day they are overpriced and just not worth it. I mean, I like other flowers just as much as roses, so why pay your first born child for a bouquet of roses on Valentine’s Day when I’d be just as happy with any other flower?? And this bouquet has roses in it..just little pink ones. So, basically what I’m saying is he did good!


When we were out to dinner, we realized this was our 6th Valentine’s Day together. We reminisced a bit about our first… Brandon had so kindly kicked his brother and roommate out of their house so that we could be alone. He made me a yummy dinner..I don’t remember what, but I’m sure it was good..and I think there was cheesecake for dessert. He even borrowed some nice china and a lace table cloth from a neighbor. After dinner, we went for a drive down to a river here in town to just cuddle and enjoy the night together. Since the house we were at for dinner wasn’t really either of our houses, Brandon packed up everything he had used to make dinner and put it in a box in his car and off we went. 

When we got to the park where the river was, we parked. We wanted to get in the back seat so we could snuggle, so Brandon took the box of dinner fixings out of the car and sat it down next to the car while we climbed into the backseat….Now I totally remember what he made for dinner!! Some sort of chicken cooked in wine. Now we didn’t know that this park closed at midnight, so it’s about 12:30am and we’re just sitting there in the backseat talking, when two policemen come up and knock on the window. We were parked past closing time, so they came to check on us…then they saw the box with the opened bottle of wine sitting outside our car and decided they needed to see our IDs. Craaaaap! Brandon explained that we weren’t aware of the curfew and that he had cooked with the wine earlier and they were nice enough to let us go with no fuss, but it was still a really awkward ending to our first Valentine’s Day together. On the plus side, we now have a good story to reminisce about.

Fortunately, this Valentine’s Day was less eventful. :p I hope everyone else had a wonderful day filled with love..whether single, married, dating…we can all take the day to celebrate the people in our lives that make it so rich and fulfilling. I hope that we won’t wait for a holiday to do that, but will continue expressing love to those closest to us all year long!


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