Practice Makes Perfect!

The snow finally melted!! Well, it melted a few days ago, but I’m just now getting around to posting about it. After a leisurely, relaxing weekend it was a surprisingly busy week.

First, we had to walk to Brandon’s brother’s house to get my car. It was a beautiful walk! And a nice way to catch up after being apart for the weekend and get 3 miles of exercise in.



Launch week is coming up at work next week – that means all our group exercise classes are launching new songs and workout routines. It’s basically like a holiday around our gym. This week was busy with practices.

I went to Cardio30 practice Tuesday night. With the snow and all the focus I’ve been putting on Centergy lately, I haven’t gone on a run in awhile… Which is horrible because the Shamrock Run is only a month away! So I went to the gym a little early to get a run in before practice.


It was terrible. I felt every single inch of that mile and basically spent the whole time watching the distance on the treadmill and wishing it’d go faster. Ugh! Oh well, it just reinforced that I need to get back at it! So that will be my goal for this week. (I know, I know, I said it’d be my goal last week, but I mean it this time).

On Thursday, I had practice for Group Centergy. It was fun to get together as a team and go through our release and it made me really excited to teach it!

In between work, teaching, and practices, I’ve just been chillin’ with my cat parrot (pat? Carrot?). She’s such a nut.


And this is what I came home to the other day…


She hears us pull up and waits for us at the door. Melts my heart!!


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