Snowpocalypse Day 2

The snowpolcalypse is still in full swing. Brandon got stuck at his brother’s house last night – the bridge to our side of town was closed down for sanding and plowing and the road to our house is closed off because it’s on a hill and it’s slick – so it’s just been me and Lucy here in our cozy little home. I feel like I got a lot accomplished for it being a snow day:

1. I painted my nails.


I got a little creative because, let’s be real, I totally had plenty of time. As I was looking through my bathroom for Valentines Day colors, I realized I have NO pink nail polish! Seriously?? Seriously.

2. Because I’m house-bound I, of course, was out of bread, milk, and cat food. So, I bundled up and walked to the nearest Safeway. It’s less than a mile away, so it was actually nice to get out and enjoy the snow. While I was there, I threw a bottle of wine in my basket because, darn it, it’s a snow weekend! And because it was less than $5. I’m cheap like that.


I’m also all about packaging. A whipped-flavored sparkling wine-ish beverage?? Heck ya! It kinda tastes like alcoholic cream soda. I’ve never been much of a cream soda fan, so I’ll prob never buy it again. But they did have a Strawberries and Cream flavor and a Red Velvet I wouldn’t mind trying.

I took this photo when I got back from my shopping excursion. Can you see Brandon’s car? No?? Well, it’s under all that white stuff somewhere.


3. I decided to take this time cooped up at home to practice my new Group Centergy release. Wait…it’s been that long since I blogged?? I haven’t even mentioned my latest adventure!! Let me fill you in! So, back in October, I blogged about an event I went to called “Centergy for the Cure.” In that post, I mentioned that Group Centergy is one of my absolute favorite group exercise classes of all time. Since I started taking the class 4 years ago, I’ve wanted to teach it. Finally, the last weekend of January, I attended a 3 day training to get certified to teach the class. First of all, you may be wondering, “What is Centergy?? And shouldn’t it be spelled synergy?” No, it’s spelled Centergy – for “center your energy.” It’s an hour long group exercise class that blends Pilates and yoga movements to music. I’d describe it as great combination of strength, flexibility and relaxation. You walk away feeling like you built strength throughout your body, but also refreshed and stretched out. It’s basically heaven. This class has shown me that I really can be graceful when I try, and that I am stronger than I think I am (“No, I can’t keep holding a plank…oh fine,I’ll keep holding the plank”). Even Lucy loves it!



Now that I finished the training, I need to learn all 10 tracks that make up the class so that I can film myself teaching the class to complete my certification. For the last 2 snow days, I’ve had tons of time to practice in my living room. Funny story – I was practicing in my booty shorts and a tank top when my neighbor knocked on the door to see if we needed anything from the store since he was braving the storm. I opened the door to see him standing there in his snow boots, beanie and heavy jacket with a foot of snow behind him, and here I am with my windows open hanging out in shorts and a tank. He probably thinks I’m nuts. And he’d probably be right, but that’s beside the point. 


I’m gonna finish up my second snow day snuggling with my kitten and drinking my cream soda-ish wine.


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