Oregon is in the midst of a freak snowstorm, so I’m sitting at my kitchen table with the fireplace going and candles burning. Since there’s really nothing else to do, I’ll actually get to keep my promise to stop slacking on my blogging! :p Lil’ miss Lucy had her last vaccination scheduled for today, so Brandon and I braved the snow and took her to her appointment. When we got home, we let her explore this new white stuff she’d never seen. 


Can you believe her eyes?? Haha I can’t help but burst into laughter every time I look at this picture. Lucy’s not all that fond of the outdoors in the first place, and she totally had no idea what to make of the snow. I put her down and, surprisingly, she actually walked around for a bit, checking things out.



When I brought her back inside, she spent a good 5 minutes licking all the melted snow off her little furry body. Going on a car ride, getting a shot, and experiencing snow for the first time…Lucy had quite a day! She’s currently curled up on my bed, asleep. Probably exhausted from such an exciting day.

We don’t usually get this much snow in this part of Oregon – right now we have about a foot and it’s still coming down. People just don’t know how to drive in it and the city isn’t equipped to plow and sand enough to keep up with the weather. So, the city is pretty much shut down. Brandon and I had plans to hang out with some friends tonight, but we decided it’s safer to just stay in. I also just learned that my gym is going to be closed tomorrow, so I don’t have to go to work. Yay for a spontaneous 3 day weekend!!! 

I’m not really sure what I’m gonna do with all my free time. I’ve already cleaned the whole house – I mean, doesn’t take that long to clean less than 500 square feet. I’d bake, but then I’d be tempted to eat it all. Earlier, I saw a couple out running, but I’m not that crazy. I might just go snuggle up with a book…actually, ya, that sounds like a great idea! A book, my kitten and soft fluffy snowflakes – sounds like a great Friday night!


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