I Found It!!!

I feel like it’s way past time that I follow up on my last post. The most amazing thing happened the day after I posted this; I found the recipe that I thought was lost forever!!! I was just minding my own business, scrolling through Facebook when, WHAM, this lovely recipe pops up in link that a friend posted. I was shocked, then suppppper happy, then kinda pissed that I couldn’t find it when I was really looking for it, then ridiculously happy again. First thing I did – PIN IT, of course! Not lettin’ that sucker get away again! Second thing I did – make them, of course.

My lovely friend, Cassie, came over and we had a baking extravaganza. I made cut out cookies and the Peppermint-Dark Chocolate Slice and Bake Cookies that I thought were gone forever and Cassie made gluten free cut out cookies with dairy free icing. 


We had so much fun watching Christmas movies, catching up, and making treats. I firmly believe that baking with friends is good for the soul. 


The finished product! Ok, so the substitute cookies I made were good, but the real recipe was soooooo good!! There was just something about them…the cookies weren’t as crumbly and I just really liked the texture of these ones better. 


I realized when I was halfway through mixing the dough, that I don’t have a rolling pin. But I have a whole pantry full of empty beer bottles! (Don’t worry, Mom, I don’t drink that much. We just never take our bottles to the bottle return.) Every Christmas needs a little red neck action. 

Oh, and this happened:


Yeah, it made me really sad. So I did this:


Still works! 

This concludes my adventures in holiday baking. Let’s recap: I lost my fave shortbread cookie recipe, broke half of the cookies I made with my substitute shortbread cookie recipe, found my fave shortbread recipe, used a beer bottle to roll out my cookies, and broke my stoneware in half. Good times. :p

One last photo….because it’s just too cute not to post.



Bucky enjoying his Christmas stocking.


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