Best Christmas Cookies I Really Should Save The Recipe For

It’s Sunday night, and that means it’s time to prep my food for the week. This week, on the Nutrition plan, breakfast is a yummy-looking oatmeal bake.


It smells so so good and I can hardly wait to eat it in the morning….so I ate a sugar cookie to take my mind off the oatmeal. But seriously, the food on the Nutrition plan has been super good and it’s been nice to not have to think about what to eat (because when I do, I usually end up throwing a frozen pizza in the oven). The only challenge…besides eating more veggies a day than I’ve eaten in my entire life combined…is that is the holidays and there are sooo many tasty Christmas goodies! And Starbucks Peppermint White Mochas. But life is about balance, and a cookie now and then is good for the soul.

On that note, I promised that I would post the recipe for Gluten Free Dark Chocolate Dipped Peppermint Shortbread Cookies. Welllllll, when I went to make said cookies for my grandma’s ornament party, I couldn’t find the recipe…like, anywhere. Seriously, who makes a fabulous recipe then doesn’t write it down ANYWHERE?? How did I not even pin it on Pinterest?? I pin everything (and this is why)! So, I googled every version of gluten free shortbread recipes I possibly could in order to find the one I used last year. Well, I didn’t find it…but I did find one that came close. Shove It In Your Face blog (whose name I love, by the way) posted a recipe for Simple Dark Chocolate Dipped Shortbread that is super simple (duh, that’s part of the title) and tasty. The recipe calls for regular flour, but the post says that you can sub alternative flours pretty easily. I made them with rice flour and they turned out quite nicely. I did have to bake them a bit longer than the recipe called for. I baked them for the time called for in the recipe and they were suuuuuuper I broke half of them trying to dip them in chocolate crumbly (which Brandon was grateful for). I think they’d have been okay if I baked them a tad longer. But they were still very tasty! And, don’t worry, they’re safely pinned now. I dipped them in chocolate and sprinkled them with crushed candy canes for a festive touch.



I posted the finished product on Instagram and my cousin in California mentioned that they looked good….So I texted him this with the caption, “Mmm, so tasty:”


I know, I’m so mean. Muahahahaha 

Enjoy each and every Christmas cookie you eat this holiday season! …And maybe throw in a carrot or two for balance. :p


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