Musical Refrigerators

Whew! I know it’s already Wednesday so this is a bit late, but the weekend was busy! Monday is supposed to be my food prep day for the Nutrition plan, so I try to plan to grocery shop Sunday. Brandon is working on our electrical, though, and had planned to turn our electricity off from Monday to Thursday. Because I knew I’d be doing all my cooking at my mom’s house, I didn’t want to go shopping, then cart all my food across town. I decided to shop Monday morning instead, and do my cooking Monday as well.

Sunday night, as I’m packing my clothes for the week and grabbing the food I already have in my fridge that I know I’ll need for my meal plan, I look at Brandon and say, “Oh (insert a word my mom wouldn’t approve of)! We’re not going to have electricity – that means I need to take ALL of our food out of our fridge and freezer!” Brandon, in typical guy style, replied, “Ya, I thought of that last night.” Last night!!!! WHY did he not think to mention it then??? Whatever. So I had to pack up ALL our food and cross my fingers that my mom had room in her fridge. Plus, I spilled a jar of pickles in the fridge last week and thought that I cleaned it up, but apparently I didn’t because everything was sticky.

Wow, after writing that, it doesn’t seem as bad as it did while I was doing it. But you’ve got to understand, Sunday is supposed to be a rest day and cleaning out my entire fridge is not my idea of restful. On the other hand, Brandon asked, tongue in cheek, if I’d rather wire the house. Um, no, I’ll clear out the fridge, thanks.

Little inconveniences like this come along every once and awhile in the remodel process… And sometimes big inconveniences like this one… And, ya, they kinda suck, but they really make me appreciate all the work Brandon does every day to build make our home livable. I pretty much scored in the husband department.


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