I just cannot get used to it being November already! I typed the wrong date about 20 times at work today!

Back to October (’cause that’s totally where my brain still is)…at work, we all dressed up for Halloween. The other Fitness Coach and I decided to be roads … yes, roads. We swiped some yellow tape out of the maintenance closet and borrowed some matchbox cars from the daycare at the club. One of the desk staff so kindly made us some “Do not enter” signs and Stop signs…oh, and some road kill…to enhance our look. We found some orange cones in a closet and BAM costume complete!


Then, of course, we laid down in the middle of floor while members came in for their classes. Don’t worry, the cones insured we didn’t get stepped on. :p


Halloween definitely isn’t my favorite holiday, but I do enjoy dressing up if I don’t have to spend too much money on a costume. The gym was pretty slow on the night of Halloween (everyone was out gettin’ their candy on), so there wasn’t a lot to do but lay in the middle of the walkway and hand out candy to those who did come in to get a little sweat going. Around 7 in the evening, it really died down and we decided that Halloween was officially over so we turned on some Christmas music. It’s never too early to get into the holiday spirit!


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