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Eat Clean, Live Fit

It’s coming up on holiday season and I just started the Nutrition Training program that is offered at my gym… I don’t know if that was stupid or smart. Holiday goodies are my all time fave! But, oh well, I shall just have to be good this season and treat them as the treat they are and not as a meal. Darn.

Anywho, I have been wanting to start the nutrition plan for awhile now and finally made the commitment last week. The plan’s slogan is “Eat clean, live fit.” It’s not about depriving yourself, it’s about eating clean foods that are tasty and good for you 90% of the time and allowing yourself a splurge 10% of the time. The nutrition plan provides the tools to learn to eat healthy even after you’re off the plan.

Plus, I got a sweet lunch box and food journal!

The best part for me is that there is a shopping list provided! I’m just not into cooking – I don’t enjoy meal planning and trying to come up with tasty and healthy meals, so I usually resort to frozen pizza. The nutrition plan gives me a printout of exactly what I should eat each day, how to make it, and a shopping list of what to buy. Score! All the work is done for me and all I have to do is follow directions. Plus, the food is really really good. My fave so far is a fruit spread made with Greek yogurt, peanut butter, and cinnamon. Mmmm! Tasty!

To prove just how good it is, I have a little story… This week’s dinner is a Turkey Chili, so I made a big pot to last me the week. I made up 3 containers to take to work throughout the week and I put the rest (4 days worth) in a big bowl in the fridge. When I got home from work Tuedsday night, said bowl was in the sink completely empty. I looked at Brandon and asked, “Did you eat ALL that chili??” He just looked at me sheepishly and replied, “It was really good! Did you make that from scratch?!” Yes, folks, it is indeed good food. Good for your body and good for your taste buds. And now I have to make more.

I don’t even mind making more, I’m just grateful to not have to think about what to eat. I started the program on Monday, and it’s been an interesting few days. Yes, I love just being told what to eat and knowing it’s a smart food choice, but I’m also finding that I’m tempted to reach for chips, popcorn or chocolate just because I’m bored. Yesterday, I had an hour between a meeting and work and I totally would’ve went to get a coffee if I weren’t on the program, just because I had nothing else to do. This morning, I subbed at another one of our gyms and I overestimated how long it’d take to drive there. I was 10 minutes early and, again, would’ve gotten a coffee to fill the time. Most of my food decisions have been make out of sheer boredom or just to have something to do. It’ll require a change in mindset to start seeing food as fuel for my body instead of purely pleasure or time filler.

Not that food can’t be pleasureable; that’s where the 10% comes in. Yesterday, I bought a nonfat peppermint white mocha from Starbucks because I was cold, had to make an extra trip to the grocery store (because Brandon ate my food), and was craving a little holiday cheer. I went with a 12 oz. instead of a 16 oz. because I knew I didn’t need that much, and I think I appreciated it all the more because I looked at it as a treat and not an everyday routine. Also, halfway through I realized I was satisfied and didn’t even need the rest…which is good ’cause I spilled it. Sad.

I’m actually kind of glad I started the Nutrition Training during the holidays. I think it’ll make me appreciate all the holiday goodies more if I don’t pig out on them. Like these super amazing gluten free dark chocolate dipped peppermint shortbread cookies (which I will be making soon and will post the recipe for …mmm!)


Who knows, maybe I’ll even find some healthy holiday alternatives (What? Sweet potatoes without the brown sugar topping?? Bite your tongue!). Most importantly, I think it’ll teach me how to make food choices that fuel my body and keep my energy up naturally, while still allowing room for a treat now and then. 


I just cannot get used to it being November already! I typed the wrong date about 20 times at work today!

Back to October (’cause that’s totally where my brain still is)…at work, we all dressed up for Halloween. The other Fitness Coach and I decided to be roads … yes, roads. We swiped some yellow tape out of the maintenance closet and borrowed some matchbox cars from the daycare at the club. One of the desk staff so kindly made us some “Do not enter” signs and Stop signs…oh, and some road kill…to enhance our look. We found some orange cones in a closet and BAM costume complete!


Then, of course, we laid down in the middle of floor while members came in for their classes. Don’t worry, the cones insured we didn’t get stepped on. :p


Halloween definitely isn’t my favorite holiday, but I do enjoy dressing up if I don’t have to spend too much money on a costume. The gym was pretty slow on the night of Halloween (everyone was out gettin’ their candy on), so there wasn’t a lot to do but lay in the middle of the walkway and hand out candy to those who did come in to get a little sweat going. Around 7 in the evening, it really died down and we decided that Halloween was officially over so we turned on some Christmas music. It’s never too early to get into the holiday spirit!