Centergy for the Cure

One of my absolute favorite group exercise classes is Group Centergy. It’s a blend of yoga and Pilates that strengthens and relaxes you while it increases your flexibility. When I started working out at the gym I now work at, Centergy was the very first class I tried. I’ve never been very flexible or graceful – my grandparents used to point out that I “plunk” when I sit down and, despite my petite size, you can hear me walking a mile away. I wanted to try Centergy because the yoga moves looked so beautiful and graceful and I figured grace was something I could use a little more of. 


During my first class, I could barely touch my toes and planks made my arms shake like jello. It was okay, though, because the instructor stressed that Centergy is about celebrating the fact that you can move your body – you don’t have to be able to move it like the die hard who’s been taking the class 3 times a week for the last 4 years, you just concentrate on doing what your body can do that particular day. As I kept taking the class, I could feel my body getting stronger and more flexible, and it was exciting to feel progress each week. I’m still not perfect – I wobble in eagle pose and my spine isn’t very flexible so my folds don’t look as great as some other people’s. As with every kind of exercise, it’s about progress not perfection – appreciating what your body can do and respecting the workout that it needs each particular day.

Sunday, my gym put on an event called Centergy for the Cure. It was a 2 hour event consisting of a 20 minute workshop on Warrior poses and forward folds, following by a 1 1/2 hour long master class led by the entire Centergy team. Every penny of the proceeds from the event went to the Salem Cancer Institute and everyone who attended wore pink or had a pink yoga mat. I learned in Centergy today that we earned about $1,000 for Salem Cancer Institute! They gave out raffle prizes throughout the event and there were goody bags with a pink breast cancer bracelet and some mini Cliff bars inside. There are a few pictures on our club Facebook page.

I went with my friend, Erica, because we usually go to Centergy together on Sunday afternoons anyways (because it’s totally the best class to take on a Sunday afternoon ever!!). Then, after class, we went to get frozen yogurt, because, hey, after 2 hours working out I think we earned it! 


A great workout + a great cause = a great Sunday afternoon!



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