Hungry for some runnin’! Today, I got a little nostalgic for running. I haven’t run since the Nate Turner Memorial Run in September, and I only did one prep run before that race. I was supposed to run the Color Run 5k a few weekends ago, but I ended up going on vacation (I registered for the race the day before I found out we were going on vacay. Doh!). I’d totally trade a run for a vacation though, so it was cool. Then this weekend, I had planned on running in A Very Poplar Run in Boardman with my Daddio, but I ended up having to work. I’m also super bummed about missing this race because it’s supposed to be suuuuuper pretty running through all the poplar trees AND you get a race medal made out of a slab of a tree trunk AND because there is a post-race hot dog roast over campfires. SO. COOL. (BTW, Dad, I’m still waiting for you to text me a post-race pic.)

My half marathon experience kinda burnt me out on running…that and training for/learning Group Ride/Cardio30 so heavily over the summer kinda filled up my cardio quota. But now I think I’m ready to take up running again (great timing, Whit, now that it’s all cold and rainy). More so now that I’ve missed 2 races I planned on running.

On my way to work this morning, I passed 10 runners. Despite the early hour on a Saturday morning, the fog, and the super cold and misty weather, these hardcore runners were up and out. I decided that I need another run to look forward to. I searched for local turkey trot-type runs on Thanksgiving Day…What better way to start a day dedicated to eating (oh, and thankfulness) than by running it all off first?? There’s a run at Riverfront Park on Thanksgiving called the Run’ucopia. They offer a 5k, 10k and 15k. There’s not much information on their page since registration doesn’t start until tomorrow, so I don’t know the cost yet. 

While I was searching for the Thanksgiving run, I came across this little gem – a Hangover Run on New Year’s Day. Now I don’t plan on getting wasted on New Year’s Eve (you’re welcome, Mom), but I will probably be in a food coma after the holidays. The Hangover Run is at noon on January 1st and is only a 3k, so it should be manageable even if you’re still half asleep from all that New Year’s partying. It’s also only $10 – Score!

There we have it! 2 runs to get me through the rest of the year! Anyone wanna run them with me??


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