Friday Soundtrack

It’s Friday!!!!!! 

I love that I start my Fridays teaching my Cardio30 cycling class. It gets me out of bed and to the gym and energizes me for the rest of my day. The workout is awesome, but it’s also the people in my class that make me excited to go to the gym in the morning. I have some awesome members! 

So I started my morning by teaching, then came home and turned on my Needtobreathe Pandora station while I got ready for the day. Pandora is awesome because you can set it to a station for a music group you really like and it plays similar artists that I didn’t even know existed! I found a new favorite song this morning: “Carry Me Through” by Dave Barnes. You know how some songs start to play and you just have to stop what you’re doing to fully listen and enjoy the song?? That’s how this song is. I was cleaning when it came on. It started out a capella and my ears perked up. From there, I couldn’t stop listening – it’s very gospel-y (that’s now officially a word). Definitely one of those songs that you just want to clap along with, and boy did I clap…horribly off rhythm, but I clapped. It took my back to my choir days in high school, except in high school the director forbid me from clapping. But today there was no one in the house, so I clapped and swayed to my heart’s content..again, not in time with the music AT ALL. You can listen to the song by clicking here. While you’re at it, you should really check out Dave’s song, “God Gave Me You.”

Music has so many purposes. In class, I use music to warm my participants up; to push them to work harder; and to cool them down and guide them through stretches. At home, I turn Pandora on and pick a station to get me pumped up to do some hardcore cleaning or a mellow station to relax or cozy up on my bed with a cup of coffee. Sometimes music is used to worship or to express feelings that we don’t have the words ourselves to express. Today, my Friday soundtrack is my Needtobreathe Pandora station because I have the rest of the day off to just chill and enjoy life…Oh! And I just remembered another Dave Barnes song you totally need to check out! (Last one, I promise.) Go here to hear “Until You.” It’s one of those that I just have to stop and listen to when it comes on (and sometimes sing along). And it’s the perfect sound track to my day because tonight I have a date night with my hubby! 🙂

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy a song that makes you happy today. 🙂


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