FitSocial Giveaway From Hungry Runner

Happy Monday!! Whew, it’s been 24 hours of gym action! Yesterday, I attended a 4 hour Group Ride/Cardio30 Intensive, where we took a Cardio30 class and did a killer Tabata-style workout on the bike. This morning I taught Cardio30, then I did Spartan (a high intensity, low duration workout where you give it all you’ve got for 25ish minutes then puke…or die) ghost session for a coworker who is trying to get certified to train Spartan. I feel like I should be exhausted, but I’m oddly super energized. Probably all those endorphins. Hopefully, that doesn’t mean I’ll crash at work tonight.

Fortunately, I came home to a package of yummy healthy snacks from Katie over at Hungry Runner to help me refuel and keep me going for the rest of the day. 


A few weeks ago, Katie had a giveaway a FitSocial prize package with Modern Oats instant oatmeal, Love Grown Foods hot oats, mini Larabars, a Quest Bar, Nature’s Path organic crispy rice bar, Attune dark chocolate, a cute little almond tin, a Bani Bands headband some post-workout wipes, some Love Grown buttons and a sweat note from Katie. I entered her giveaway by posting something positive about myself/day on the Hungry Runner Facebook page and I won!



Despite eating 2 donuts and a muffin for breakfast/lunch on Saturday, I really am trying to make better food choices. I’d actually like to start the Nutrition plan that we have at the gym I work at; it’s just a matter of crunching some numbers to make sure I can afford it with the holidays coming up. I could prob pay for it just by cutting out lattes from drive-thru coffee shops alone (I don’t know that for sure – I’ve never had the nerve to add it up)… Plus, I’d probably die without coffee. Regardless, my new little snack collection will give me some healthy treats to much on for now. I’m super excited to try all the snacks…I haven’t had a chance yet. But I did wear my new Bani Band to work today! 

photo (11)

I just couldn’t get over how cute this little almond tin is! I had to Instagram it! It holds the perfect amount of almonds and fits nicely in my purse for when I need a pick-me-up.



A HUGE thanks to Katie at Hungry Runner! You should head over to her blog and check it out! She posts great workouts, healthy recipes and inspiration for living a healthy lifestyle. 


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