National Coffee Day and a Remodel Update

First things first….Happy National Coffee Day, everyone!!!! Woooo!! Ya!!!! Best day ever and, of course, I HAD to get a coffee to celebrate!


Ok, now that that’s take care of… I realized the other day that I haven’t posted an update on our remodel lately! A lot has changed since my last update. Probably the biggest change being that we have windows now!! And most of the house is covered with house wrap.

Isn’t the green pretty?? I’m thinking of leaving it like that… Totally kidding…You can see my tiny attempt at fall festiveness on our front door. Brandon also finished the plumbing inside. Currently, he’s working on our awesome 2-story deck!
Brice came over the other day to pick up some apple cider cake donuts that I made for him and wasn’t out of his car 2 seconds before he got put to work.


Gotta earn them donuts, bro!

The beams for our deck are super tall so, of course, the day we put them up we had a super crazy wind and rain storm. I barely slept that night. I kept worrying that the wind was going to blow the beams over and smash our neighbor’s car. That would seriously suck. Then, when I finally fell asleep, I dreamt that someone snuck in and stole all of Brandon’s tools. Oy! What a night! But when morning came, no beams had fallen over and all the tools were right where Brandon left them. Phew! I’ll be happy when we have doors in and can lock everything up. We’re so close! As a matter of fact, we have our front door, it’s just not installed yet.

It’s a little dusty, but it’ll be gorgeous once it’s cleaned up and installed! We’re so close to finishing up the outside and turning our attention to the inside work and I can’t wait to see it all come together!


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