Fit Friday







And by Fit Friday, I’m mean, “Ugh, I’m tired.”


I taught Cardio30 this morning, then had an appointment for an FMS with a trainer at the fitness club I work at. FMS stands for Functional Movement Screening. The trainer took me through a series of movement patterns (squats, push ups, lunges, etc), and evaluated my strengths and areas that could use improvement. I learned that I have a strong core (thank you, Group Centergy!) and tight hamstrings (thank you(??), cycling). When my sweet trainer asked if I ever roll out or use a lacrosse ball, I sheepishly answered that I think about doing it a lot! Soooo, she gave me a few stretches and tips to relax my hamstrings and glutes (cycling is killer on those puppies too) so they won’t snap like a twig. I promptly went home and did them like a good student, and oh my goodness, they made a difference!! I can walk without feeling like my legs are gonna fall off. 

Once I got all loosey goosey with my lacrosse ball and stretches, I headed back to the gym for workout #2 of the day. A coworker who is trying to become certified to lead Spartan training needed some guinea pigs for a test session. Spartan is a 30 minute, high intensity small group training session. We rotated through a series of exercises, including TRX rows and thrusters, for a half hour with our trainer correcting our form and pushing us to keep going when we felt like quitting. If I wasn’t sore before (which I was), I’m really sore now (which I am). 

What I learned from all my workout experiences today is the importance of recovery. So often, I focus on how many group exercise classes I take a week and working hard in those classes, but I forget that the stretching and recovery portion of a workout is just as important as the work. My goal next week is to try to spend more time giving my body some TLC. My goal is to spend some time rolling out, either with a foam roller or lacrosse ball after each workout. I also decided to do a little research on post-workout recovery…while eating a bowl of recovery popcorn (a stretch? maybe).


I found an article on the Fitsugar website with tips on how to prevent post-workout soreness. Some of them were awesome (drinking coffee before a workout reduces post-workout muscle pain? Good, cuz I needed another excuse to drink coffee), and others I think I’ll pass on (post-workout ice bath? Brrrr, no thank you!). It also mentioned that itchy legs are normal when exercising, which was a relief because I thought I had Group Centergy-induced dry skin. (Gross…TMI?) Anyhooooo, all that work today has made me extra hungry and my recovery popcorn didn’t fill me up…maybe some recovery donuts will help. (Putting “recovery” in front of a food automatically makes it the perfect post-workout snack.) (I think I get the award for most parenthesis in a blog post.) Geez, I’m getting loopy with hunger. I should sign off before I put something else in parenthesis…kidding (not).



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