Baked Apple Cider Cake Donuts

Fall is official here – leaves are turning beautiful shades of red and yellow, coffee shops are serving pumpkin-flavored drinks, the rain has arrived, and boots and scarves abound! Sunday, I dressed all cute in skinny jeans and flats for church, then promptly went home and changed into a sweatshirt, hat and slippers. There’s just something about rainy, cold, windy days that make you want to curl up on the couch with a cozy sweatshirt and a cup of hot cocoa…or chai…or apple cider – any hot drink will do. 🙂



It’s also apparent that fall is here from all the fall decor/craft/recipe pins on Pinterest. I found a delicious-looking recipe for Baked Apple Cider Cake Donuts and I’ve been waiting oh-so-impatiently for apple cider to come out in the stores to make these donuts! I was grocery shopping yesterday and what did I see in the produce section?? Fresh apple cider!! I scooped up a quart and promptly went home to make my donut holes! 


These donuts were so easy to make! Just mix the batter, drop it in a mini muffin pan, pop it in the oven, then dip in butter and cinnamon and sugar. Mmmmmm!! So good! Here’s the recipe. I was worried that because they weren’t friend like regular donuts that they wouldn’t taste as good, but boy, was I wrong! They were just as good as the apple cider cake donuts from the grocery store. I ate them fresh out of the oven with a hot cup of coffee, though they’d be excellent with a mug of warm apple cider as well.




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