Albany 2 Rivers Run and Columbia River Power Marathon

Yesterday was family run day. Mom, Coby, and I ran a 5k in Albany with my mom’s cousin, Michele, and aunt, Shelley. Meanwhile, Dad ran a half marathon hours away in Umatilla, Oregon. 


Mom, Michele, Aunt Shelley, and me



Me and Coby trying to stay warm pre-race. How is he taller than me??



Me and Mom post-race. We both PRed! 

Dad ran in the Columbia River Power Marathon, a run that starts in Umatilla, Oregon, crosses the McNary Dam into Washington, and comes back into Oregon along the Lewis and Clark Trail. He rocked it, coming in 24th place overall and finishing in 2:02.


Dad (left), with his work buddies.

The rest of us ran the Albany 2 Rivers Run in Albany, Oregon. Dad and I ran this race last year.



My family wanted to represent in this race again this year because it holds a special place in our heart. The Albany 2 Rivers Run is a a run in memory of a friend of my cousin’s, Nate Turner. Nate graduated from Western Mennonite School, the same high school I graduated from and my brother, Coby, goes to now. My cousin went there as well and was friends with Nate. Nate was a firefighter who passed away in a rock climbing accident in 2011. The Albany 2 Rivers Run raises funds for the Nate Turner Memorial Scholarship at a local community college.

Coby runs cross country at Western Mennonite and his coach is a friend who graduated from WMS the same year as me and whose older brother was actually a friend of Nate’s as well. To show the support of WMS, the cross country team ran the 5k run.


The course was primarily flat (thank the Lord) and it rained a bit for most of it. Overall, it was a great run. It’s fairly small, but since this is only the run’s 3rd year, hopefully it’ll keep growing. Our little group got quite a few awards. Coby and his buddy came in 2nd and 3rd place respectively in their age bracket. Caleb, Coby’s cross country coach, came in 1st place in his age bracket, while Caleb’s mom came in 2nd in her age bracket. Mom also got an award – 1st place in her age bracket! 


Mom was so surprised by her award that she went to double check the race stats because she was sure they’d made a mistake.



Mom and Coby with their race ribbons!

I didn’t win any ribbons, but I did win some hard cider from 2 Towns Cider House. 



Ribbon Schmibbon, hard cider is where it’s at!

I haven’t broken these babies open yet, but I won a couple bottles at the Albany 2 Rivers Run last year and they were soooo good!! I also won a super cute v-neck t-shirt from 2 Towns Cider House last year and it’s seriously the comfiest, best fitting t-shirt ever!

Overall, it was a great run! Good food post-race, great prizes, nice course, and great running buddies. I think we’ll make this run a family tradition. It’s for a great cause and I hope it continues to grow.





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