Forever Friends

One of the best things I got from high school is a group of really close girl friends. There were 4 of us that did everything together – we got dressed up for our school banquets together (our private school didn’t have dances or prom), went to school sports events together, and ate lunch together. Since graduating from high school and going our separate ways, the 4 of us have had an email chain going to keep us updated on each other’s lives. That email chain has kept us connected through moves to Canada, Africa, Virginia and Colorado, through marriages and mission trip, college life and “adult” jobs post-college. Now, 7 years later, that chain is still going. There is nobody else in high school that I have kept as closely in touch with as these 3 girls and I know that if it weren’t for that email chain, we wouldn’t be as close as we are now. How else do you keep so closely in touch when one of you lives in Oregon, one in British Columbia Canada, one in Idaho, and another going off to spend 2 years in South Asia??



Bre and Celeste on Christmas break our freshman year of college.



Sarah, our friend Mahlet, me, and Bre at Mahlet’s uncle’s Ethiopian restaurant in Portland, OR.



Celeste and me on a trip to Sunriver, OR with Bre.

Last week, I had the chance to see 2 of these lovely ladies in person! Celeste is leaving to spend 2 years bringing the Bible to people in South Asia. Bre came down from Canada to see her before she leaves, so the 3 of us got together for lunch to send Celeste off.


We had lunch at this little tea parlor in downtown Albany, OR, then walked around downtown catching up on life before I had to head back to Salem to go to work. There’s a little toy store downtown that had a bucket of sidewalk chalk set out for people to draw on the sidewalk with. So, of course, we had to stop and contribute our own artwork.



I’m so grateful for friendships that stay strong despite distance and time. Every time we get together, it feels like we pick right back up where we left off because we’ve been in touch often through our emails. Celeste has been working towards her dream of overseas missions for awhile now and I’m so happy that she gets to see that dream fulfilled. It was wonderful to see her before she leaves and I’m very thankful that we’ll still be able to keep in touch via email, even though she’s across the globe. If you want to find out more about how Celeste will be bringing God’s Word to people in South Asia, click here to check out the team website. She can always use prayers and, if you feel led, financial support. She’ll also have a blog up once she gets there. As soon as I know what the blog address will be, I’ll post it. 


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